Getting outdoors this Autumn

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Now that the weather is cooler, we do still try to get out as much as we can. We have the dog, so we’re out every day in some form or another, but we’re not really getting out as much as we were.

We are big fans of organisations such as Lancashire Wildlife Trust and National Trust, who always inspire me to get out more. This June, I took part in a challenge called #30DaysWild over on my other blog, and it really made me realise that you don’t have to go far to appreciate the outdoors.  So to help with your inspiration, here are five tips to help you get outdoors in winter.

getting out in winter

1. Wrap up warm!

Getting the right kit doesn’t have to cost a fortune but you really should make sure you’ve got everything you need if you’re taking your family out for any length of time. As the saying goes; there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

2. Be Brave!

I know it looks miserable out there and there’s something good on the telly but I promise you, you’ll feel a sense of achievement if you go for that walk. You really don’t have to go far, the feel-good factor will kick in after just a quick walk around the block.

3. Share the Love!

Getting out and about for walks in autumn and winter can often feel easier if someone is going with you. Make it all about the kids and visit a large park or a nature reserve perhaps, or rope a friend into coming along too. So at least if you’re cold you’ll be able to chat to distract yourself!

4. Make it Fun

Instead of just walking, why not prepare a nature quiz for the kids or play i-spy along the way? Bug hunts are one of our favourite things to do at this time of year. Twinkl have a great printable Nature Bingo game too if that’s more your thing. If you’re looking for something more grown up, try geocaching or a Treasure Trail.

5. Make it Worthwhile

Now that winter is creeping in, there are plenty of people feeling the cold. If you know someone who is elderly why not take a walk round to check on them on a particularly cold day? If you’re feeling really neighbourly why not take them some home made soup too! Not only will you feel the benefit of the exercise but you’ll also have done something kind.

What other ideas have you got to encourage me to get out more this season?

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