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I remember buying my first lottery ticket at 18.

I was certain I was going to win. My life was going to be amazing and all my dreams would come true. I’d fulfill my list of ‘Things to Do Before 40‘, Prince Charming would scoop me up onto a unicorn and there would be white doves and rainbows everywhere.

Lottoland winners dreams

Or something like that.

We all dream of what winning big money would be like, don’t we? Talk about what we’d do, who we would help, whether or not we’d carry on working. I think I’d buy a farm, and probably work on it too – part time of course! I wonder if Louboutin make wellies…

1. Set up a shelter for the homeless

Something that really gets to me is the amount of people I see on the streets of Manchester. Men and women of all ages, squeezed into shop doorways in an attempt to keep just a little bit warmer. Sitting with plastic cups out for strangers’ pennies, all emotion gone from their faces. It’s awful to think that in the wrong circumstances that could easily be a member of my family, an old work colleague, even me. So I would try and do my bit by running a simple but welcoming hostel, where dogs are welcome, and a service to help those that want to get back on their feet.

2. Buy houses for my nearest and dearest

The biggest expense we have as adults is usually our mortgage. Heck, some of us can’t even get a mortgage, such is the dire state of things these days. So my second good deed would be to make sure my loved ones were adequately housed, and take the burden of a mortgage away. I’d buy them new houses with all new stuff inside, arrange house clearances with a company like Clearance and Cleanup for the old stuff they don’t want, and let them start afresh. Once that’s done, they can live life a bit more with the money they save.

3. Buy a holiday home – but not for me

Unpaid carers, families with poorly members, people who work hard to pay the bills but don’t have much left over for holidays… anyone who might not be able to afford a break.

4. Give to charity

It’s completely impossible to choose one charity above the rest, so I think this would take great consideration.  It would probably be cancer charities first. Whatever was decided, I would make sure that some money went to selected charities each year. You never know when you might have to call on them yourself.

5. Set up a business for my children

This might not seem like a kindness but to me it seems like an unusually wrapped gift for my children. Rather than simply leave my millions to the boys, I would try my best to make them appreciate the value of money. We aren’t exactly well off, but the boys never go without the things they want. That’s okay in the main, I think, but to have millions just handed to you may well be tricky to deal with. They would need to learn how to run a business, how to treat people and how to share their fortune before I would consider my job as a mother to be done.

What would you do if you won millions?

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