In The Beginning …

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In the beginning I was a normal person. Then I had children and turned into a total nutcase.

I have little short term memory, little ability in the field of grown up communication and patience as thin as a thin thing. I was happy before I had my children, and I had a (very) social life, but I have swapped midweek parties and tiny skirts for cbeebies bedtime hour and Ugg boots. I’ve changed an incredible amount since they arrived – not all for the better – but on the whole I’m pretty sure it’s a good shift in direction. Good job really – it’s not like you can return them to the nearest branch of Babies R Us …

So I’ve started this blog in an attempt to regain some of my ‘other’ identity. You know the one – where you have a proper name and interests of your own rather than being called somebody’s mum who’s specialist subject on Mastermind would be the life and times of Justin Fletcher.

I can’t promise myself that I’ll blog every day or even once a week, but I will blog when I have something to say and the energy to say it.


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