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Meal plan: week one

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Squidge is eight weeks old in a couple of days. He’s still only very young but the fact is that I can’t put off my weight loss plan any longer. We fly to Florida next spring for the kids’ first holiday abroad and I don’t want to be body conscious, I want to enjoy every moment.

Have you met Squidge yet? He’s a cutie!

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Also, my sister gets married next July and I am honoured to have been asked to be their bridesmaid. I really would like to feel beautiful on that day, because at 35 it will be the last time I am in anyone’s bridal party until I am the mother of the groom!

Slimming World is the only way I’ve ever managed to lose weight healthily and keep it off. I never got to target though so this is like a continuation of an interrupted journey for me.

So this week my meal plan looks something like this:


Overnight Oats

Weetabix and bananas

Scrambled egg on toast

Fruit and yogurt

Bacon, egg, beans and mushrooms


Mug shot

Mackerel on toast

Jacket potato with beans

Pasta in Sauce

Stir fry

Main meals

Spaghetti bolognese

Sausage casserole and baked potato

Chicken curry and rice

Shepherds pie and vegetables

Gammon, egg and chips

Sea Bass, potatoes and vegetables

Chicken and bacon pasta

I never stick to my meal plan 100% so I know there will be some variation on this by the time next week rolls around, but hopefully there will have been more good days than bad and I can report a weight loss!

Thanks to Sim’s Life for giving me the nudge I needed to really set my mind to getting back on track. Read other bloggers’ health and weight loss posts on Sim’s Weight Loss Wednesday linky. Just click on the scales!

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  1. I really need to crack on with the weight loss plans. I managed to avoid gaining much during pregnancy but spent the last 8 months piling it on instead

  2. Good luck with week 1. Your meal plan looks varied so hopefully there will be enough to keep you interested. I look forward to seeing how you get on in the coming weeks!

  3. Oh he IS a cutie, isn’t he 🙂 I also try to stick to Slimming World foods…really needing to get back on it right now and power through, hence why I thought posting meal plans would help. We eat very similarly!

  4. Ohhhh I am a huge fan of Seabass – that actually sounds like a really good selection of meals! Slimming World always amazes me with what you can actually eat, it doesn’t seem like a diet at all but certainly works! You looked fab when I saw you yesterday love – having incentives such as the holiday and being bridesmaid will definitely spur you on! Awww baby Eric is so cute, we need to arrange a cuddle-fest and then we can chat diets too! 😉 Thank you for linking up last week my love and hope you can join in again with #WeightLossWednesday this week! Sim xx

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