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For aaaaages I’ve been saying I want to join in with Mrs. M’s Meal Planning Monday but I plan my meals Friday – Thursday and by the time Monday rolls around I’ve forgotten all about it!

So I’m going to publish my meal plans on a Friday and hopefully I’ll remember to link up on Mondays.

This week we’re having …


Rump steak with chunky wedges, fried egg, mushrooms and onion rings.

One of my favourite meals – not sure I can wait until 6pm!


We’re out for a curry tomorrow night – no messy kitchen for me!


Roast Lamb Dinner

For the last few weeks we’ve either had chicken or beef so I’m very much looking forward to lamb this week.


Shepherd’s Pie

With the leftover lamb (yeah, right! I’m going to be buying some minced lamb on Monday morning I bet!) I’m going to make a hearty shepherd’s pie in the slow cooker. Served with vegetables and crusty bread, this will definitely put a smile on the boys’ faces after school.


Kung Pao Chicken

This isn’t something I’ve made before so I’ll be interested to see how it turns out. With any luck I won’t be phoning the local chinese takeaway for a replacement!


Glazed Salmon with Broccoli Rice

This will be another new dish to me. With salmon and broccoli I usually make either a pasta bake or a quiche, but I saw a receipe for this and decided to try it.


Honey, Mustard and Chicken Pasta

This is at the request of my husband so I might even try to get him to make it!

So that’s where we’re at for this week. I’m off to do the shopping for it now, which I expect to come in at over the £60 per week budget I try and stick to. This will just be because there are a couple of dishes on the list that I haven’t made before so I’ll probably need some extra herbs and spices.

Meal Planning Monday

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