Meal Planning Monday 05.01.15

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Here I am again with my sporadic meal plan post.

It’s the beginning of a new year and who knows – I might even be able to stick to publishing my meal plans this year … stranger things have happened!

I’m following Slimming World (again) at the moment so some days the boys will eat something different to me, but for the most part we’ll be eating the same meals.

Here we go for week one of 2015. As always, my meal plan starts on a Friday so it’s perhaps just easier to type it up Friday – Thursday.

Friday: Hunters Chicken. Badger (aged 7) saw some BBQ marinade at the supermarket and asked for BBQ chicken. So Hunters Chicken was Friday night’s meal.

Saturday: Sausage and Bean Bake. Not something I’d ever made before but I thought the kids in particular would like it. Easy to make and it went down a storm. I got the recipe from somewhere on the internet – BBC Food I think – but swapped the haricot beans for baked bean and placed thinly sliced potatoes and a sprinkling of grated cheese on top.

Sunday: I like to do a roast dinner on a Sunday where time permits so this week we had a roast chicken dinner. I forgot to do the stuffing though! Nobody seemed to notice so all’s well that ends well!

Monday: Tonight we’re having spaghetti bolognese at the boys’ request. Today is the first day I’m back on the Slimming World plan so it’s a made-from-scratch, SW friendly dish. I do prefer to make whatever I can from scratch, though sometimes a packet mix does come in handy.

Tuesday: My plan for Tuesday is a SW friendly chili pasta bake. The boys won’t be here for tea that night so it’ll be a meal for one. The leftovers will be my tea on Wednesday.

Wednesday: The boys will be making their own pizza on Wednesday. They only ever ask for pepperoni pizza when I buy ready made, so I’ve just bought cheddar cheese, pepperoni, tomato puree and mozzarella. They love making their own pizza though since my breadmaker died I’ve only bought ready made bases. I do miss that breadmaker but it’d be no good for slimming!

Thursday: Lamb meatballs. Lamb is probably our favourite meat and is free on SW so meatballs in a tomato based sauce of some kind is on this week’s menu. I’m not sure what exactly the sauce will be but I’ll be making it myself so maybe I can report back next week.

I’m linking up to Mrs. M’s Meal Planning Monday linky and if you’re looking for food-based inspiration you can click on the badge below to take you over there. You’ll find lots of other bloggers planning their meals for the week and it’ll leave you with your mouth watering.

Meal Planning Monday


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