Meal Planning Monday: 14/07/14

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This week I’ve been organised enough to meal plan – something I’ve been pretty poor at doing of late.

Of course, that means that I’m behind with other things so without further ado, this is what we’ll be eating this week.

(Our ‘food week’ starts on a Friday, because that’s when I go shopping!)

I’ve added the costing this week too. We shop on a budget every week so I wonder if adding cost will help others who need to budget.

Shopping is done mainly at Aldi, with unavailable items bought from Asda. There are 2 adults and 2 kids to feed.


Philly Stuffed Chicken Breast & Wedges

(Chicken breast £3.99, bacon £1.56, soft cheese 55p, potatoes £1.69)

Strawberries & Cream

(Strawberries £1.39, cream 79p)

Saturday total £9.97


Cajun Chicken & Rice

(Chicken strips £1.99, fajita mix 58p, garlic cloves (store cupboard), peppers £1 for 3, onion £1 for 3, egg noodles 59p, rice 40p)

Strawberry Swiss Roll & Custard

(Swiss Roll 89p, packet custard mix 49p)

Friday total £6.94


Caribbean Lamb & Savoury Rice

(Lamb £3.19, Caribbean spices from store cupboard, curry powder from store cupboard, broccoli £1.15, onion as previously costed, pepper as previously costed, plain yogurt £1.00, savoury rice 50p)

Strawberries, Jelly and Yogurt

(Strawberries £1.39, jelly 23p, yogurt as previously costed)

Total Sunday £7.46


Crunchy Topped Haddock & Spinach

(Smoked haddock £2.79, spinach 89p, tomatoes 75p, parsley from store, breadcrumbs from store, cornflour from store, nutmeg from store, fromage frais £1, skimmed milk 49p)

Bananas and Yogurt

(Bananas 68p, yogurt as previously costed)

Total Monday £6.60


Beef & Bean Hotpot

(stewing beef £2.85, onion as previously costed, carrots 65p, beans 32p, flour, stock, Worcestershire sauce all from stock, potatoes as costed)

Rice Pudding

(rice pudding 15p)

Total Tuesday £3.97


Salmon & Broccoli Bake

(Salmon £2.39, broccoli as costed, spring onions 49p, cottage cheese 64p, eggs £2 for 12, parsley & garlic from store, tomatoes as costed, cheese £1.49)

Banoffee Pancakes

(all ingredients already costed or from store)

Total Wednesday £7.01


Peperoni Pizza & Potato Wedges

(Pizza £2, wedges from potatoes as costed)

Peaches and Cream

(Peaches 35p, cream as costed)

Total Thursday £2.35

I make that a total of £44.30 for the week!

We obviously eat more than one meal a day, and on top of the meals listed here I usually buy bread, ham, milk, cereal, noodles, biscuits, kids yogurts, some ‘spares’ (for quick teas if there’s a change of plan), like tins of meatballs (I think they’re horrid but the kids love them!) and household items too. On average, our shopping comes to between £55 and £60 per week.



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