Meal Planning Monday: Week 1

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I’ve had the intention to join in with Meal Planning Monday for months and months. 

I’ve had half written posts and scribbled down notes but I’ve never actually made it as far as linking up. 

So finally, with a five day week as we’re out twice this weekend, here’s my first linked up post for Mrs. M’s Meal Planning Monday!

Monday: Tonight we’re having Tuna Pasta Bake. I never buy jars of ready made sauces because they’re such a waste of money. Instead, my Tuna Pasta Bake is a quick mix of whatever pasta I’ve got in the cupboard, passata, tuna, sweet corn, basil, oregano, onions, garlic and cheese. I don’t measure things very often and it pretty much all goes in together once the pasta is cooked. Everyone likes it and it keeps well.

Tuesday: Tomorrow we’re having Cod Kievs. We’ve never had them before. I picked them up when Aldi we’re selling them off before Christmas and I’m quite looking forward to them! They’ll probably be served with savoury rice.

Wednesday: Sausage casserole. The boys love sausages and in a casserole I can sneak in plenty of vegetables too. Served with mash. Can’t wait 🙂 

Thursday: Sirloin steak with spicy wedges and onion rings. I bought a tray of steak, a tray of chicken and a whole duck from the butcher on the market last week and I’m defrosting some of the the steak for Thursday. You really can’t beat the market butcher for price in Bury. 

Friday: I’m off out with my friend and so the boys will be fending for themselves. Or going to grandma’s, depending on whether or not Ted fancies cooking.

Saturday: Fajitas. Everyone here loves fajitas. It’s one of the few dishes I don’t make from scratch because it’s just a really easy, filling meal. Adds have the kits on offer at the moment too at just £1!

Sunday: Out again! We’re off for a carvery on Sunday so my kitchen will be a Karen-free zone. I’ve got to say, this is the meal I’m looking forward to the most – food tastes nicer when someone’s cooked it for you doesn’t it?

It’s not an overly exciting menu this week but I’m really busy so it’ll do for now! 

Meal Planning Monday

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