My MAD Blog Awards Jolly!

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What a weekend it’s been. On Friday I attended the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards in London.

My beautiful, flattering dress was very kindly provided by Boden. Isn’t it divine? I felt like a different person that night thanks to an afternoon spent pampering myself at home, a new set of acrylic nails, this wonderful dress and some rather daring (for me) shoes which were a bargain from a website called Everything 5 Pounds – yes, really.


My companion for the trip was the very lovely Jen from My Mummy’s Pennies. She was nominated for an award, whereas I was just there because I’d been roped into doing crazy things. She was a lovely roomie, and even agreed to go for a midnight wander around Kensington High Street with me after the awards!

We stayed in the lovely Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, which was surprisingly easy to find once we got off the tube.

The highlight of the night for me has to be taking part in the flash mob dance, which had been planned as surprise entertainment for the finalists. It was great to take part, though I did rip my dress slightly at the beginning which put me off my steps somewhat! If you really want to see that particular dance, here it is, thanks to the team at Tots100

I met some lovely people throughout the night. Chris, who writes at Thinly Spread and Colette from We’re Going on an Adventure, were my dinner table neighbours and both ladies were wonderfully interesting!

I didn’t actually take that many photos of the night, which isn’t at all like me, though I may have been somewhat distracted by the pure awesomeness that was Pikatchu, or perhaps Dr. Ranj? (Name dropper extraordinaire, aren’t I!) I think it more likely to have been the fact that I was attending an award ceremony in a room full of such hugely inspirational bloggers.


Danni accepting her award Kirsty & Clara from My Two Mums Some of the NW Bloggers Girls Me and Dr. Ranj

I hope to be back at the MAD blog awards next year, maybe if I work hard enough (and everyone else in the universe gives up blogging) I’ll even be a finalist.

Speaking of finalists – did I mention that not only was my roomie, Jen, a finalist but also my lovely friend Danni too! Danni writes at It Started With A Squish, deservedly won her category and she received the award for Best Pregnancy Blog. Well done Danni, we’re all super proud of you!

Thank you to Boden for providing my dress for the awards, thank you to Sally and the team at Tots100 for organising the event and thank you to my lovely husband for sorting All The Things out in my absence!


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