Project 365: Week 6

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After last week I wasn’t sure we could be any busier, but whilst I stayed in the same county for the entire week, I did manage to fit in lots of ‘stuff’…

I spent all day in the kitchen on Sunday, making soup, roast lamb dinner, banana bread and this bread and butter pudding which I took to my mum’s house. She’s on a bit of a diet but none of this made it as far as the freezer …


Monday is my ‘day off’ which means it’s my busiest day. There wasn’t really anything remarkable about it until Badger came home from school with a merit in his bag. You might think that’s great but I found it slightly odd for two reasons. Firstly, merits don’t usually come home, they are attached to a board in the classroom and secondly, the handwriting was a bit suspect …



On Tuesday, Robot and I went for a little walk with his magnets. We looked at what was magnetic and what wasn’t. He was most impressed with this lamp post and specifically asked for his photograph to be taken with his ‘gammetic ramp post’.


Wednesday was another food day, and this time I was trying out a chicken rub I have been sent, from Tropical Sun. I was really impressed with it, and it might have even been part of a healthy meal if there wasn’t so much butter on that potato – delicious!


Thursday was a bit of a stressful day with Robot; he can be quite challenging at times. So once I’d eventually got him into bed I opted for an early night – only to find this scene in my room …


The bed was covered with review items I have to do for the blog, and my intention was to move them but I’d forgotten. No matter for this little dude though who clearly just wanted to be near mummy. How could I possibly be cross with someone who squeezes themselves into a tiny space just to be with me?

Friday arrived and along with it came our Zack & Quack Twitter Party. The party was craft based but the kids had other ideas – I developed a nervous twitch when I saw the state of my lounge. It’s a good job they had a lovely time!

07.02.14 2

Finally, Saturday was here again, which was celebrated by us with a Tesco Meal for Two for £10. I’ve tried the M&S ones before but not these and to be honest, they’re just as nice. Excellent value for money and enough food to fill you up, although I did add some broccoli to our lamb and aubergine filo pie and roast potatoes! The wine  grapes *ahem* went towards my five-a-day, naturally.



Joining in with The Boy and Me’s 365 linky. Click the 365 logo to see some fantastic photography from the last 7 days.



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