Project 365: Weeks Three & Four

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Today I’m posting two weeks worth of 365 photos because I was away from my laptop last week, as you’ll see from my photos!

So here we go, Sunday 11th to Saturday 24th January 2015.

Day Eleven

On day eleven we did what all superheroes do and made multicoloured spaghetti for messy play. We’ve never done this before and Robot thoroughly enjoyed it.

An average afternoon ...
An average afternoon …

Day Twelve

Monday was a pretty boring day, if I’m honest! The only time I took a photo was when Badger was reading bedtime jokes to me. I’m so glad we’re able to read joke books now. Kids made up jokes are pretty rubbish mostly, aren’t they!


Day Thirteen

13th January was my 33rd birthday. My sister offered to take me out for lunch since the kids were at school and Ted was at work, so we walked up Holcombe Hill which is about 7 miles away from my house. Then we lunched at the Shoulder of Mutton in Holcombe Village. It was a lovely day. We had a flurry of snow at the start of our walk which was beautiful.


Day Fourteen

Back to normality on day 14. The boys came home from school and it transpires that Badger is a fan of monsters. Not just any old monsters though – ones he creates himself. He’d designed four that day. He’s incredibly proud of his creations – and I’m incredibly proud of him.

Badger' monster creations
Badger’ monster creations

Day Fifteen

We received our Big Garden Birdwatch pack, ready for our survey tomorrow. The RSPB do this every year and it provides valuable information on which birds we’re seeing more (and less) of at this time of year in different parts of the country.

Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch

Day Sixteen

Friday 16th saw me packing my case ready for my trip to Morocco. A birthday gift from my husband – isn’t he wonderful?!

I took me forever to choose what to take but fortunately this dress looked better on me than it did my hubs!


Day Seventeen

After a long journey, Emma and I arrived at our destination: Agadir, Morocco. As we arrived at our room we were greeted by this beautiful sight. Watching the sun setting on the horizon was just wonderful.  This photo was taken from the patio.

Moroccan Sunset
A beautiful Moroccan sunset

Day Eighteen

Another photo of myself! I’m becoming quite vain this week!

This is the dress previously modelled by th’usband. I rather hope it looks better on me!


Day Nineteen

A VERY busy day today. We rode camels, visited an Argan Oil factory, traavelled to what is left of the original city of Agadir after the 1916 earthquake that killed a third of its people, and took photos of a magnificent mosque – the biggest in the city. Lastly, we visited the Souk. We had opted for the small souk rather than the big (scary) one and what a wonderful experience it was. I bought a pashmina softer than a baby’s bottom and a real, handmade leather clutch bag with matching purse. In total, I spent less than thirty pounds. This is a photo of just a small collection of handcrafted items we saw. I wish I’d had the money to kit out a mansion with it.

Inside the Berbere Souk
Inside the Berbere Souk

Day Twenty

A more relaxed day today. We spent our time sunning ourselves by the heated outdoor pool and generally eating every five minutes. This is just some of the wonderful food on offer. I certainly tried some dishes I’d never had before.

Just a fraction of the delicious (yet, at times, questionable) food on offer in the hotel restaurant.
Just a fraction of the delicious (yet, at times, questionable) food on offer in the hotel restaurant.

Day Twenty One

Ah, alas, my holiday is over. Just a few days without the boys is more than enough though and I was glad to be on my way home.


Day Twenty Two

Now after being away from my babies for a few days, wouldn’t you imagine my first photo to be of the boys? Well apparently not. The first (and only, actually) photo I have from Wednesday 22nd is of my dog Betsy. I had just collected her from the dog sitter and she was rather snow-speckled.

Snow-speckled Dog
Snow-speckled Dog

Day Twenty Three

My penultimate photo of this post is of my grown up boy. Here, he’s chatting on Facebook messenger. He was under strict supervision of course!


Day Twenty Four

Finally (gosh, this has taken SO long!) here is a photo from today. I could’ve chosen one of my sister in a very hungover existence, but instead I give you this – a photo of an ornament in her kitchen and something that’s almost always true.

In case you were wondering, the little note underneath reads ‘and a new hob’ because last night, in her inebriated state, my sister smashed her brand new (21 days old) electric cooker hob. Worra numpty. I left the note. I’m nice like that 😉


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