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It’s so very easy to take what you have for granted, and to overlook how lucky you are.

Today I’m grateful for what I have.

I have a home.

Millions of people around the world are homeless for a long list of reasons. It isn’t a new thing – homelessness has been around forever, both in this country and abroad. This week, however, I am grateful to have my house – and grateful that it is dry. Hundreds of british citizens have been quite literally washed out of their homes in the south of the country. We don’t live in an area that could be considered ‘posh’ or ‘sought after’ but I sure as heck wouldn’t swap with those people. I hope they’re back in their houses as soon as possible and that they can put their lives back together with the support of the community, both locally and nationally.

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I have great friends.

I talked to someone recently who said she felt like she was alone, despite being married with a young family. Like me, she can’t even nip to the loo without being followed by one or more of her children, but she felt she had nobody to talk to, to really open up to. I felt bad for her, and tried to help, but mostly I felt grateful that I have a number of friends I know I can call upon when I need to. Friends are really, really important and make a world of difference.

I have happy children.

Worrying that your child is struggling at school is awful. Worrying that they are getting behind or aren’t happy while they’re away from you really turns your stomach. I’m sure you’ll agree if you’re a parent yourself. Badger is a real sensitive soul and cries at the strangest of things – and sometimes just because he’s happy! We’ve had problems at school before now and at times I didn’t know how to fix the problems we were facing. At the moment though, both boys seem to be doing well at school and nursery, both are making friends and slowly but surely we’re having less fighting between them at home. I just hope I haven’t jinxed myself now!

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  1. Certainly good reasons to be cheerful! We moved into our house 6 years ago when I was two weeks off having my little boy. Sadly we paid way too much for our house and are now in negative equity and since my hubby wasn’t working for almost a year last year, we used up all our renovation money on mortgage payments and living expenses. The house is old and needs so much work. I sometimes get annoyed when I look around it but your reason to be cheerful is a nice reminder to me to be thankful I have a home, a roof over our heads and that we are not flooded out as so many people in Ireland and England are at the current time! Thanks for that!!!
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