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The rights and wrongs of Rockin’ Baby

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I went to a blogging conference yesterday and took along my five week old baby boy. He apparently wasn’t keen on attending many of the speaker sessions as I discovered when he cried every time I tried to join one. So rather than disturb the other attendees at Blog On, Squidge and I wandered around the brands area. We found ourselves chatting to a lovely lady from Rockin’ Baby.

On approaching the Rockin’ Baby stand I automatically made the understandable assumption that this was a regular children’s clothing retailer. After a quick glance over their range of clothing and ring slings, I reckoned that the clothing was probably ethically sourced, probably not cheap and was full of funky designs. I liked what I saw.

What I heard, however, was that there is far more to Rockin’ Baby than meets the uneducated eye.

The rights and wrongs

So was I right or wrong with my initial assumptions?

tickRight about the clothing being well sourced. All items are made by a team of talented designers, sewers, and cutters, using fabrics sourced fairly and sustainably, and using low-impact dyes.

crossWrong about them being a regular children’s wear retailer. For every sling or item of clothing sold, Rockin’ Baby donates the same to mothers and children in need in Haiti and Kenya. That’s certainly not standard practice!

tickRight about the funky designs. On closer inspection and after browsing the website at home I was really pleased to find that all the designs are fun, bright and funky. Love them all!

crossWrong about the price point. Despite being so well sourced and made, and taking into consideration that you are essentially providing two items with your single purchase, the prices aren’t any more expensive than the high street.

We came away from Blog On with a very cute hat, bib and scratch mitts set by Rockin’ Baby and I couldn’t wait to try them on Squidge. The hat does look rather big but please bear in mind that he is only five weeks old!


The Rockin’ Baby website has so many beautiful items for boys and girls aged newborn to 10 years old. There are some brilliant, bright and bold designs as well as more subtle ones; certainly something for everyone.

Plus, what’s better than that lovely feeling when you put your new purchase on your beautiful baby? Knowing that because of you, someone less fortunate can do exactly the same.


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