The Playmobil Project

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I do daft things.

I get a (crazy) idea in my head and I just go with it. Sometimes nothing really comes of it, sometimes it turns out to be an excellent decision, and sometimes I end up really disappointed. That’s just me. I can be perhaps a little too spontaneous, and I put my whole heart into everything.

Once upon a time (last month), I saw a facebook marketplace ad for a job lot of used, incomplete Playmobil. I decided before Squidge was born that I would be collecting Playmobil for him, as I’d had a Thomas and Friends collection for the older boys. For some reason, I thought that by sending my husband 15 miles across town to collect old toys was an excellent idea. I didn’t even really know what was in the box!

What’s in the box?

We paid £8.00 in total for what he brought home and at first it seemed like a wasted trip. It was very old, dusty, incomplete and the whole lot looked suspiciously like a bunch of old tat.

On closer inspection though I found that there were lots of figures, and decided that those alone would be worth my £8.00 and fuel money. Freshly optimistic, I carried on discovering the contents of the box.

Enough for a party!

playmobil figures

In all, I think there is a circus, a playground, two aeroplanes, some kind of 60’s music group, an airport and parts of a fairground. None of it appears to be complete.

So now my task is to work through it all, set-by-set. Cleaning, buying spares and making it lovely for Squidge to play with when he’s old enough. I’m approaching the whole thing with a ‘make do and mend, vintage is awesome, labour of love’ type attitude and hoping it will see me through!

My first job is to try and find the instructions for each set. I’m going to start with the circus I think. Luckily Playmobil seem to have good availability for spares and instruction downloads so that’ll be the easy part. (She says!)

Starting with the unloved circus

Playmobil circus

Have you ever taken on a crazy project? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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