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We say so often that time passes too quickly.

Squidge is 14 weeks old now and it feel simultaneously like he’s always been here and has only just arrived.

I must’ve taken a thousand photos in those 14 weeks, but for this post I’ve narrowed it down to just six. It was hard to choose so I just went for milestones… there are definitely enough to do another post for next week too!



He’s guzzling full bottles of hungry baby milk now but Squidge still doesn’t sleep through the night. People remark on how tired I must be with all the sleepless nights but in all honesty they’re just interrupted, not sleepless… and I will miss the night feeds lots when they stop. It’s our time, without interruption or distraction, just to get to know one another a little better.


Growth & Development

We’re seeing far more interaction with Squidge now and he is such a happy baby most of the time. He loves to be sung to and enjoys a bedtime story – its lovely to see him actually listening intently. His bedtime routine is a lot more fun now too, and Squidge will often have a bath with Robot who loves to help with bathtime.


Last night I was surprised how big Squidge looked in his bath seat – he has grown so much and I’m sure he doubled in size overnight. We’ll be moving onto a ‘big boy’ seat in the next couple of weeks I should think.

Speaking of seats, he’s now able to sit in his Bumbo, but not for long. We’re just trying out sitting up for a few minutes each time.
We’re not rolling over yet but it won’t be long we are definitely working towards it.



Squidge’s favourite thing is looking at himself in the mirror on his playmat. He can spend a good half hour just staring at his own reflection! His favourite soft toy is Pip from Pip Ahoy!, though he’s no idea that it’s a character from TV of course.

Squidge particularly enjoys Row, Row, Row Your Boat as we sing and rock back and forth to that one.

He’s learning new textures all the timenow as he reaches for toys and bits and pieces on his play mat. I didn’t have a tuff spot for the bigger boys but plan to buy one and do some really fun stuff with Squidge as he gets older and develops his fine and gross motor skills.



Well since this is the first update I’ve written, there have been many firsts during Squidge’s 14 weeks. Most notable perhaps have been his first smile which my husband was lucky enough to capture in a photograph and first swim, which went quite well!




  1. Oh he is gorgeous and I want time to stop a bit 🙂
    You’ve done so well and have made it look easy. I have a lot to live up to.
    Eric has the cutest wardrobe ever. Thank
    You so much for linking up my lovely #MaternityMondays

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