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Are cloth nappies right for us?

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So we’re giving reusable nappies a try.

I always wrote off the idea of cloth nappies as too much hard work with three children and all the laundry that goes with them, but it didn’t occur to me until recently that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – I could use some reuseable and some disposable to save me spending a lot on reusable only to find them to be too much extra work.

Where do I start? There are terry, prefold, charcoal, AIO, BTP… this is all new – and scary! I sussed out that my best option was probably AIO BTP (or all in one, birth to potty – basically the easiest thing to start with). I picked some Bambino Mio Solo up in Aldi a couple of weeks ago for £7.99 each. There were three designs but I only liked two so I bought two each of those. I didn’t realise how much of a bargain the two nappies I bought were until I checked the price of them on the Bambino Mio website. They retail there for £15.99 so I’m extra pleased with my purchases.

cloth nappies

So the big question for me was how much faffing about would be added to my already busy day if I swapped disposable for reuseable cloth nappies. I have three children so time is precious; I don’t want to spend ages on laundering these nappies.

Turns out they don’t seem to take much more work than disposables. Obviously I only bought a few so I’m still only dipping my proverbial toes into the world of reusable, but so far, so good as far as I’m concerned.

Verdict so far?

I’m not convinced that reusable will save me much financially but they will definitely save some landfill space and that sounds good to me. The nappies I bought don’t keep Squidge dry overnight and I have to change him more often than with disposables. We have experienced a few leaks too but I think sometimes I forget to change quite as regularly as I should because I’m used to disposables. I may or may not (okay yes, I have) have ordered some more Mio Solo today though because they are lovely and very easy. A great starter nappy I think for mums like me. I also learned that soaking new nappies for 24 hours helps with absorbency, and that getting the adjustable poppers right for the size of your baby is an excellent idea!

I’ve also ordered a couple from other brands for comparison so hopefully I will find the right ones for us. I feel I’ve already invested in cloth nappies now and so I ought to see in through and use them regularly. I’d appreciate any tips or recommendations should you have any.



  1. Ooooo this is interesting. I have never tried them but they do look so much nicer than disposable ones. I will be watching your blog for updates to see what you think. I would rather see what someone I trust thinks about them than read website reviews. I too will have 3 kids so, like you, time is of the essence. Thanks so much for linking up #MaternityMondays

  2. I considered cloth for my second baby but then changed my mind as it just seems like so much effort. It is probably easier than it seems but I just don’t have the energy or the laundry skills! Good luck with your search for the perfect brand xx #maternitymondays

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