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All my babies have started teething fairly early. Squidge got his first two teeth at 17 weeks. Those first two teeth didn’t really cause him many problems but now there are four top ones emerging all at the same time and it’s making him miserable.

So I asked around my mum friends for teething advice. I know I’ve been through this twice before with the other two but you never know what could be new to the market.

This is what we’ve ended up with, and a mixture of all of these things seems to be keeping the pain at bay – most of the time.


Off the shelf paracetamol suspension, generic unbranded and bog standard. We use this mainly at bedtime if Squidge is struggling to settle because of his teeth. I buy Galpamol from Home Bargains. I think it’s around a pound or just over and it is just the same as Calpol.

2. Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick Monkey¬†is the only teether Squidge can properly grasp and use with any real results. He gnaws on that poor little monkey for ages, but it does calm him so I’m pretty sure he gains some benefit – even if poor monkey doesn’t! I also find this to be really useful for applying teething gel – see point 3!

3. Dentinox gel

This is teething gel and does seem to work if the problem isn’t too bad. I use it in addition to the paracetamol mainly. It’s something I keep in Squidge’s changing bag for when we’re out and about, and it’s easy to give to him when I put it on the brush part of the Matchstick Monkey. Administering the next item on the list is harder because I inevitably get bitten!

4. Anbesol

Literally the best thing I ever tried for teething. I’ve used it with all of my babies and on myself too. It numbs the gum area and provides instant relief. Great for when you’re waiting for the painkiller to kick in!

5. Teething granules

These were a new thing to me. I hadn’t ever heard of them before but since my sister-in-law told me how much she swears by them I decided to give them a try. Squidge does seem to settle after these but I still go for the Anbesol and the teether first.

Using a mixture of these has brought us relief – what do you use for teething pain in your little ones?

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  1. Interesting post, we have recently been going through the same thing with the top 4 teeth coming through at once. We’ve used the paracetamol and anbesol is great, I like the look of the giraffe too but not tried it. #maternitymondays

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