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Squidge has reached the age where it is time to start his weaning journey. I’m not sure whether to feel excited or sad about it really. Squidge is my last baby and I often feel overwhelmed with how quickly he’s growing and how short a time they are babies!

But time waits for no mum, so weaning has begun. We started three weeks ago really with plain baby rice, but it did not go at all well.

Weaning. Not the biggest fan of baby rice.

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That is not the face of an impressed boy.

Fortunately, things improved greatly when we ditched the rice. I gave him a rusk after that… huge hit! We’ve since added banana baby porridge which has also been readily accepted, and now Squidge already prefers food over his bottle. I think he’s going to be a ‘good eater’, as they say.

Although I have started him with spoon fed food, I do intend to introduce baby led weaning in the next week or so. We will probably stick to porridge at breakfast but lunch and dinner may well be down to Squidge to sort out! I’ve started mooching round the internet and have found a couple of sites that look really useful so I’ll have to start experimenting with recipes this coming week.


Have you got any favourite BLW recipes? Or did you wean the traditional way? I think a mixture is what will work best for us.

I know someone in particular who will enjoy Squidge’s weaning period anyway. She’ll be my most eager cleaning assistant, I’m sure!

Linking up with the lovely Emma’s #MaternityMondays linky – not sure how much longer she’ll be able to do it before she becomes a fellow mum of three! Pop over and have a read of her blog from the farm.


  1. Our dog is actively fed by our 10 month old 🙂 My first 2 loved toast and sandwiches but Zach just shreds them and gives the pieces to Ollie the Collie #MaternityMondays

    1. I think a mixture of weaning methods seems to work for a lot of people. It at least gives you quick options as well as the BLW options which I find I spend more time on x

  2. Hehehehe we have a similar fiend who likes to camp out under the high chair. It’s amazing how our fussy dog regularly tucks into foods I would have never dreamt she would eat.
    I can’t believe Eric is weaning already. It is going so quickly but I do love weaning. We did a mixture and it worked for us. I like watching the spoon going into their baby bird mouths 🙂 #MaternityMondays
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