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Ahh, kids.

Why is it that they love mud so much – especially when they’re wearing white?

My little mud-magnet got this jumper for his birthday and that very same weekend went away with his friend for a couple of nights.

Of course, when he got back the jumper was filthy because he is the kind of boy who loves to climb trees and play football in muddy fields. Naturally, to add to my misery he’d worn this particular jumper on day one of his trip and so it had been dried and stuffed in his back for a couple of days, ready for me to tackle upon his return!

I have been using Dr. Beckmann’s products for a few years now. They’re really reasonably priced, they do a great job and they’re available in loads of places – I tend to buy mine at Home Bargains where they’re slightly cheaper than at Asda. When I first tried them I washed a brand new pair of bright red jeans with a brand new white bath sheet. It was a bit of a risk but I figured if I ended up with a pink towel it would still dry me!

Anyway, I washed them on a standard 40 degree wash with just detergent and a colour and dirt collector sheet – and the towel came out perfectly white! I was convinced then that these were going to stand up to the issues raised by my terrible laundry sorting abilities.

Anyway, I digress.

I hadn’t tried the Dr. Beckmann stain remover before so now, faced with dried on mud and a brand new white jumper, seemed like a good time to give it a whirl.

Looking at this photo now, the dirt doesn’t look all that bad. But it was, I assure you. To be honest, I was already hoping they had some of these jumpers left on the sale rail I bought it from.

I’m not easily beaten though so I applied the Pre-Wash Stain Devils formula (literally take off the cap, squeeze and brush the liquid onto the stain) and off into the washer it went.

Obviously there is a wait ahead of me at this point.

Check facebook

Make a brew

Check twitter

Tell the kids off for something or other

…and we’re done.

You can see that although it isn’t back to the perfect white it was in the shop, Robot’s jumper is nigh on white again – certainly good enough for me and barely noticeable at all really, unless you’re studying it up close.

For just over two quid a bottle it’s definitely something worth having in the house for times such as these!

Now I know you’ve got your coat and shoes on now, ready to run out and buy some, but hold your horses. Those lovely people at Dr. Beckmann have offered a bundle of products from the Dr. Beckmann range to 3 readers, including Carpet Stain Remover, Glowhite Ultra, Colour and Dirt Collector and Washing Machine Cleaner.

All you have to do is complete the simple widget below!

Dr. Beckmann

*We received these products to try out and the true results are shown here


  1. For Rred wine stains – douse with salt, dunk in cold water, blot until the stain disappears, and then wash as soon as possible!

  2. A;ways pre treat a stain as soon as you find one because this helps get rid of the stain when it goes into the wash

  3. When my children get biro on their school shirts I spray with hairspray before putting in the wash and the pen comes out

  4. Depends on the stain but I always rub a little washing powder directly onto the stain before putting it into the washer!

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