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University Games is a favourite brand in our house and one of their newest releases is Googly Eyes. A family game suitable for players aged 7 and over, we thought we would give it a try after tea when Auntie Laura came to stay.

googly eyes

Aim of the game

You put on the vision-altering glasses when playing Googly Eyes, and draw what’s written on your game card. Players must complete each turn within a predetermined time frame, and a timer is provided. If your team guesses the answer correctly, you take your turn to move around the board. The aim of the game is to move around the board until the winning team reaches the finish.

googly eyes
I’ve never been great at drawing…
How to play

One player in the team wears the glasses while the others guess what is being drawn. Different coloured squares on the board correlate to which lenses should be worn (there are 3 sets of lenses). The timer is set according to the guidance on the card – either 15, 30 or 45 seconds – and the player who is drawing can begin. Drawing prompts are varied and the more difficult ones are given a longer time allowance, though some were easier than others!

Game play lasted around half an hour. I was pleased with that because much longer and younger children begin to lose interest. Rules are easy to follow when read through just once and the game moves fast enough for children not to get bored waiting for their turn. It’s also great for a laugh because everyone looks more than a little bit silly wearing the glasses!


This is a team-based board game, making it a good choice for after dinner or Boxing Day round at Grandma’s. This game’s recommended minimum age is seven, but Robot is six and joined in without any problem. He even turned out to be pretty good at drawing because his team won!


We have tried quite a lot of board games over the last few years and I often find that they’re essentially the same game idea with a different design. There are already lots of drawing games, for example. Googly Eyes was a pleasant surprise in this respect though as it has a unique spin. It would make a great Christmas gift for a family – maybe packaged up with snacks and drinks to make a family games night bundle.

You can buy Googly Eyes from most high street and online toy retailers. This game is set to be a popular Christmas seller this year!

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