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The Game of Things is a huge hit around the world. Humour in a box, it has everyone giggling and belly laughing around the table.

This is how it works. One player reads out a topic card, then everyone writes down a response to that topic. Then players take turns eliminating each other by guessing who wrote what.

For example: THINGS… you shouldn’t do in church…

My initial response was ‘fart’, so that’s what I wrote down. The other three players wrote ‘Wee in the fountain’, ‘curse’, and ‘breakdance on the organ’. You can really let your silly side answer the question or approach it from a more mature angle. Considering our group were aged between 35 and 40-ish, it quickly became apparent that nobody was writing anything remotely mature!

It was my turn to try and match the responses to the players and I was quietly confident that I knew at least one person well enough to spot their answer. Surely I would get my husband’s answer right!

Or, not. I guessed wrong! Apparently, it isn’t as easy as you might think to guess who wrote what. Especially when players start to get a bit sneaky and throw the guessers off the scent!


300 topic cards
Response Pad
Score Pad
8 pencils

The Game of Things would actually make a really special gift for game fans as it’s all packaged up beautifully in a wood box.

The game is designed to be played by a group of players aged 14 and over, making it perfect for the grown ups to play as an after dinner game. It can be played with children if preferred but you would need to go through the card deck and take out any inappropriate cards. We started off with no kids around as they were playing upstairs, but when they decided to come and see what we were doing we all immediately toned it down a bit! I think, to be honest, The Game of Things is most fun when just the grown ups play.

The Game of Things was awarded the 2013 Excellence in Game Design TAGIE Award at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, as well as receiving a 2006 Top Ten Award from Canadian Toy Testing Council.

We were sent The Game of Things for the purpose of this review.


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