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When you have an alien invasion on your hands you’re just never quite sure where to get help, right?

Well your worries are over because there’s a new toy in town designed for exactly that purpose.

Alien Vision from IMC is a goggles and gun set for children over four.

Once you put in the required 6 AAA batteries, you have 90 seconds for your alien elimination mission. The aim is to successfully shoot as many aliens as you can within your given time by shooting in the direction of whichever alien is lit up inside the goggles. This is what the goggles look like inside…

You can choose from 3 difficulty options when you synchronize your gun, thus working your way up to expert level! This is a good way for younger players to get to know how to aim and shoot the aliens properly. The key is to have the goggles and gun aligned.

The difficulty settings can be changed on the side of the glasses.

There is a display on the gun that keeps score and you earn a point for every green alien you successfully shoot. Watch out for the rare yellow alien, if you shoot him you get two points!

Included in the pack are four special alien cards that you can place around the room.

Alien Vision isn’t the kind of game you can play as you run around, because you can’t see very much through the goggles. It’s far better played indoors than out as the lights behind the aliens aren’t visible outside in the daylight. This toy is good for having fun in a smaller space like the lou ge or bedroom, but it is noisy with all the shooting that goes on!

Where can you get it?

Available online or on the high street now with an RRP of £39.99.

*we were sent this toy in order to review it. Affiliate links are included in this post*

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