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If there’s one thing baby Squidge isn’t keen on it’s sleep. He’s a real cat napper. Even at eight weeks old he has already decided who’s boss and I’ll give you a clue as to who that is – not me.

We are slowly getting to know one another, Squidge and me, and I have discovered that he loves bath time. So our new bedtime routine of bath, bottle, bed was introduced a few days ago. When it comes to the ‘bed’ part, I want to make Squidge as comfortable as possible so he will (in theory) sleep for longer, so I have him in a Snuzpod attached to my bed. Like co-sleeping but with added benefits.

The other thing that needs to be just right is what Squidge wears and uses while sleeping. Autumn in here now so I was putting him in a vest and babygrow and then into a baby sleeping bag. The drawback with this though was that he would wake himself up when he moved his arms sometimes. Also it is difficult to properly wind a baby after feeding when they are wearing a mini-duvet.

I’d heard about swaddling when I had my eldest son but we hadn’t ever tried it. I was sent a Miracle Blanket before Squidge was born so decided to give it a try with him. To be honest, I wrapped him in it once when he was brand new and he hated it! I’m all out of ideas on how to make him sleep longer now though so I decided to try again.

This is how it went…

2 3 4 5
6 7 8

So far so good… but for how long?

Well put it this way. I swaddled Squidge today in order to take these photos and that was at 1pm. It’s now almost 5pm and he is still asleep. It probably took about half an hour to get him to nod off but that is still the best nap he’s ever had.

Swaddling, when practised carefully, can increase the length of baby’s sleep times and provide the comfortable, secure feeling they had in the womb. With the Miracle Blanket there are no press studs, velcro or fastenings of any kind so there is no risk of scratching either – something Squidge has done once or twice in his sleep before now.

To buy a Miracle Blanket for your little one, find them over on the maguari website who are UK stockists.



  1. Oh we used to love swaddling so much and it would keep E really cosey. He’s a right little wriggler now though. Love this post and the instructions. His look is totally “Err what you doing Mummy?” 🙂
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