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My eldest boys got two toys from Spin Master’s Spy Gear range to try out yesterday. They received the Wrist Blaster and the Transforming Ninja Sword.

They automatically chose one each to take a look at, so that made life easier! Robot, aged 6, chose the sword and Badger, 9, the Wrist Blaster.

See how the boys got on in their unboxing video…

Spy Gear Transforming Ninja Sword

spy gear transforming ninja sword

Robot took one look at this and decided it was his. I think it was the torch that swung it, to be honest! He couldn’t figure out how the blade worked initially, but between them the boys quickly sussed it. Once he had opened the Ninja Sword once, Robot was quite capable of doing it time and again.

The Spy Gear Transforming Ninja Sword immediately prompted Robot to begin role play, and had the boys received one each I’m sure they’d have been off around the house to do some sword fighting immediately.

The Ninja Sword handle is sturdy and easy to activate and the foldaway blade was something Robot found to be hilarious! The sword takes up hardly any space once it’s folded back up, and that’s my kind of toy!

The Spy Gear Transforming Ninja Sword is suitable for ages 6+ and it requires 3 AG13 batteries which are included.

Spy Gear Wrist Blaster

spy gear wrist blaster

This was a huge hit with my 9 year old. I think the fact that he was allowed to shoot at the wall was a factor, but ultimately anything that shoots foam bullets is a win in our house. Speaking of foam bullets, I was pleased to read on the Wrist Blaster packaging that it is compatible with other leading brands. That certainly eliminates the issue of trying to match bullets with their corresponding toys!

This toy is easy to set up and use. The boys played with both toys for about an hour, and that is pretty good going for them.  It’s also possible to expand on this toy. The built-in accessory clip allows you to attach the Spy Go Action Camera (sold separately) and catch awesome spy mission footage. The Spy Gear Wrist Blaster is suitable for ages 6+ and no batteries are required.

Both these Spy Gear toys are available from good high street toy stores and online.

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