Toy Review: Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber

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We had a huge bundle of Star Wars toys to review last month, so we asked guest reviewer ‘Striker’ to take a look at the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber for us. Bladebuilders is a collection of lightsabers that your child can build and customize as they fight for the light side or the dark side. Kids can imagine battling on the side of the Jedi with included Jedi connector piece and blue lights, or wield the lightsaber on the side of the Sith with the Sith connector and red light effects.

You can easily switch connector pieces to fight with a blue Jedi blade or a red Sith blade. For more action, press button on Jedi or Sith connector piece to expand the hilt for customizable Bladebuilders fun! With the Path of the Force Lightsaber, kids can choose their own path and decide which side of the Force to fight on. Combine with other Lightsabers in the BladeBuilders system (each sold separately) and imagine the thrill of battle with a custom extendable lightsaber!

So what did our guest reviewer think? This is what he and his mum had to say…

So with this you can decide whether you want to follow the Force or stray to the Dark side. The lightsaber comes in 3 parts; the first is the e-xtendable lightsaber, the other two are the hand additions that identify you as either a Jedi or a Sith.

Each hand accessory is easy to add and Striker could do this independently. There are different sounds as each piece is added and they are pretty realistic.

Being a Jedi was Striker’s favourite as it had the hand protector and blade and he’d remained with the Force!

The downside to being a Sith is there’s not much room to hold the ends when it’s ‘spider legs’ extend.

Striker has other lightsabers and although cheaper versions, they also connect to make double ended lightsabers.
Value for money… Yes, although I would say it’s at the top end of pricing for a birthday or Christmas present at the RRP of £49.99. (Amazon have it for £20 at time of publishing – follow this affiliate link)
The Lightsabre is robust, as I did wonder if it would break or damage easily with it being clear plastic, but it’s been in a few battles since it arrived and it’s stood up well.

Overall I think the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsabre was a hit with our guest reviewer, and it comes recommended.

*We received this product as part of a bundle for review purposes. Reviews of other toys from the range coming soon!

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