Sunday Book Club: Week One

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This is what we’ve been reading this week…


I’ve been reading Squidge and the Watabus go to India by to Squidge this week. I started reading to him at bedtime from him being just a few weeks old. It’s so lovely because he looks so calm, and almost mesmerised. The great thing is that he enjoys being read to now and we can also revisit the same books as he develops more of an understanding.

Fun and funky front cover

Squidge and the Watabus was a book created online, personalised and printed by Watadventure. As you go through the personalisation process the website allows you to choose not only the name of the main character but also various features of the book too. The story follows Squidge on an exciting adventure through India… but I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what the story is! Let’s just say that Squidge will learn a fair few interesting facts about India as he reads this book over and over.

Inside the book

All three boys have a couple of personalised books – they make a brilliant gift and keepsake for any occasion, and with Watadventure you can also add a personalised message to the beginning of the book. If you’d like the child to be able to create their own book, gift vouchers are also an option.

As you can see, the colours are vibrant and the images are clear. The story is fun and exciting, and the book’s recipient is – naturally – the hero of the story. The story has around 30 pages of text and illustration, and the book is longer than many of the others we have. It is probably too long for a bedtime story in one sitting. When I was a child though I loved having half a story one night and then waiting in anticipation for the second part!

The Watadventure books are lovely, large, personalised books that would be a great gift.

What have you read this week? I’d love for you to share any blog posts, reviews or recommendations with me over on twitter. I’m over there as @LancsKaren and will happily RT, just be sure to include #GMSundayBookClub.

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