Sunday Book Club: Week Three

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This week’s book is one for the children. Scholastic sent Robot a copy of The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey.

Over the book’s 117 pages, we follow unlikely heroes George and Harold as their imaginary super hero springs into life, thanks to a dash of magic. Captain Underpants is everything his alter ego isn’t. The boys have a lot of fun with him, and get themselves into some tricky situations too!

Robot loves silly books like this. There is one chapter that is just a couple of words long and he found that to be totally hilarious. He kept asking family members if he could read a chapter of his book to them and then fell about laughing once he’d read the handful of words on the page.

Captain Underpants has something of a catchphrase, which is ‘Tra-la-laaaa!’ and we have heard nothing but that since he read this book. It’s certainly stuck with him… which I *think* is a good thing?!

Dav Pilkey has written lots and lots of children’s books including another 11 in the Captain Underpants series alone. I’ve just ordered the Captain Underpants box set for Robot to get stuck into – he’ll be thrilled when they arrive.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants isn’t a new book. In fact, it was republished in 1997 and remains a firm favourite amongst young readers today.

Publisher Scholastic have some great deals on the Captain Underpants books from time to time, and when you buy books from them you also earn credits for your child’s school, so everyone wins!

Robot gave this book an impressive 9/10 – and the only reason it list a point was because it wasn’t longer. I’d say that’s pretty good going.


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