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We read a lot of books in our house. We get sent the odd book here and there for review, but mostly we read books we’ve bought or borrowed. I believe that reading should be an enjoyable activity, something you look forward to and something you can do either on your own or with your children.

I grew up reading classics by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, and some particular favourites were Heidi, Anne of Green Gables and all of the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Reminiscing about books I enjoyed as a child made me consider what my own children read, and I concluded that actually, they perhaps don’t read enough. We have a hundred books or more on the shelves at home but some remain untouched, and that’s a real shame.

So to encourage me to get the boys reading more I’m going to make a quick note here on the blog every Sunday, just to take a brief look at what each of us have enjoyed reading that week.

I thought about making it a linky for bloggers, but there are so many great linkys out there that I decided just to write regular posts. I will share anything on twitter that I’m tagged in @LancsKaren and that uses #GMSundayBookClub.


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