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We love to play board games on a rainy day or after a filling Sunday dinner. That’s what we did when we reviewed the latest addition to our games collection. Smart Ass from University Games is GREAT fun. It’s a simple enough board game to grasp but you need your wits about you because it’s a general knowledge trivia game.

Smart Ass 1

The thing I loved most about Smart Ass is that you don’t have to wait your turn. We had four players (the game accommodates up to eight players – more than your average board game!) and we also had a brilliant evening!

The aim of the game is to answer questions and move around the board, and the winner is the first to land on the … Ass.

Smart Ass 2

The question cards are split into four groups:

Who am I?

What am I?

Where am I?

and finally – Hard Ass.

A colour die determines which question card is chosen and questions are open to all players, which as I previously mentioned makes the game more interesting because everyone is involved in every round.

The person who answers correctly then throws a second die to determine how many places they can move. Watch out though – a Kick Ass square sends you back three spaces!

The questions cover a wide variety of subjects and we encountered some really tricky ones as well as some easy peasy ones – it’s a game suitable for everyone.

The game doesn’t go on forever like some can, and it’s pretty light hearted too. We had a giggle over who didn’t know things that were obvious to everyone else, as well as being astonished at some of the stuff we did actually know between us!

Do you know where Oxfam was founded? Have you brushed up on your peace prize winners lately? You might want to consider a bit of light reading if you’re to be crowned the local Smart Ass!

The suggested minimum age for Smart Ass is 12 and over. That’s pretty fair, I’d say, because anyone younger would lack the general knowledge.

Smart Ass 3

Smart Ass retails at between £10.00 and £15.00 and is available at all the usual games retailers.

It really is a great after dinner game and definitely worth having at home – who doesn’t love a good board game!?

But before you go out and buy one for yourself, why don’t you enter to win one for yourself – all you need to do is complete the rafflecopter widget below … good luck!

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  1. Quizzes are our favourite,wheather in the form of games,quiz books or watching tv and answering.We sometimes go to quizzes too.

  2. we are into trivial pursuit the family edition the only problem is we are all competitive so it doesn’t end very well

  3. we play gooey louey I think its called its upstairs in my sons room where you pick boogies out of his nose before his brain explodes lol x

  4. I love to go on family bike rides through the beautiful Forest of Dean, when the weather is good, followed by a picnic with a nice woodland play area. On rainy days it’s board games, baking and arts.

  5. I love baking with my kids – we love to make little cupcakes, jam an lemon curd tartlets and scones! We also enjoy a game of ‘tiggy with the ball’ in our garden!

  6. in nice weather going for long walks and picnics in miserable weather a favourite game of ours is best of movie and tv

  7. A trip to the beach with a picnic, followed by a lovely long walk. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, this game looks like good fun. 🙂

  8. We like playing snap at the moment 🙂 Waiting until we can play something a bit harder lol. 🙂 Still trying to find a game I used to play years ago but can’t remember what it was called and asked loads of people and they can’t remember what it’s called either although some remember it. 😀

  9. In the Spring and summer months we spend a lot of time doing nature trails over the meadows, in the winter it is books and board games, Pig Goes Pop and Frustration are popular at the moment.

  10. We enjoy playing Family Trivial Pursuit because the kids have their own set of questions also like playing bingo with them for small prizes.

  11. We absolutely love Trivial Pursuit, we have 8 different versions and we don’t play for pride, we play for chores!

  12. We love playing board and card games. Depending on how much time we have depends on what game we play. Our favourite quick game is Uno.

  13. our kidies are to young for board games and activities like that yet but we like going out to new places new parks and farms =) x

  14. My daughters are a bit too young for board games, but they love playing silly games like hide and seek, however they aren’t very good at hiding!! I love playing board games with my husband, but monopoly is banned as he keeps cheating and we can’t play Scrabble as he always loses and gets grumpy!!

  15. Anything that involves being outside, as we don’t have a garden this usually involves a walk along an old railway line or a trip to a park 🙂

  16. we love going for stomps in the woods, playing on the beach and visiting the beautiful national trust properties around 😀

  17. Taking our two pets dogs and going for a long family walk enjoying nature and more importantly enjoying a good picnic afterwards!

  18. we love my 5 year olds made up games. Today on the way to school, he made up a game called ‘ rubbish in a pot’. We had to guess what he was saying in a made up language. We have a great local park so often go there as it caters for our 3 boys and feed the ducks at the local pond

  19. fave family activity must be walking in the larger park near us- lots of room for the kids to run wild and have picnics in the summer!

  20. our grand-kids really love board games and the 8 year old even makes his own sometimes but rules seem to change depending whether he is winning or not

  21. Having our grandson for the day, soft play, playing in the park or garden. waiting for warmer weather then we can take him to the zoo.

  22. Going for walks and on sunday is our games night the kids can choose, yesterday it was *Dont panick*. Uno extreme is a favorite too

  23. we love playing board games or even playing cards our son is super competitive! ha! but love cuddling up watching a movie to our fav tv shoes together – anything really so long as we are all together xx

  24. We all love to play badminton in the garden. we have net across the middle of the garden and have knock out rounds. ~~~~~~~~~Good fun and good exercise (but have to have plenty of shuttlecocks as lots fly over the fence.

  25. We like doing jigsaws together with out 3 year old and baking. She loves helping out in the kitchen. Arts and crafts are always fun too until clean up time then its commence meltdown 🙁

  26. my family like to play music and film quizzes when we get together, sometimes we make our own and dad always wins the music rounds

  27. If it’s nice and sunny nothing better than walking the dogs on the beach while the kids explore the rock pools, if cold and wet and staying indoors having picnics in home made tents or playing our favourite family board game Mandarin

  28. Anything food related: cooking (& eating!) and watching cookery programmes (Come Dine With Me and Masterchef being the most watched… I hope Tony wins this week’s Masterchef final!!!)


  29. Well we love board games and Top Trumps if it’s sunny or dry outside we tend to do outdoor activities. Snakes and ladders and snap tend to pop up frequently. We also bought a secondhand wii and wow that’s fantastic fun for all of us. Lydia and Dominic love playing games.

  30. I’ve played this game with our older kids before and its a great family game for the in betweeny age, also singstar

  31. Our favourite family activity nowadays is attempting to drag our 8 year old off Minecraft. We each grab a limb and hope for the best – yet her protests are loud enough to undoubtedly displease anyone sleeping within a 100 mile radius.

  32. My kids love going out on their scooters, so most saturday mornings I take them out for a scoot! (then my favourite bit is snuggling on the sofa with them!)

  33. we love going to our local park an playing tennis, nobody except my husband knows how to play so we have lots of laughs over it 🙂

  34. I have to say it’s walking, we are lucky where we live there are a lot of woodland areas, so its nice to have the kids out in the fresh air exploring their own area great fun for us all x

  35. We fill those cold winter evenings with card games, such as black jack and snap, it’s fun and the kids learn about numbers and fair play, what could be better?

  36. we play board games, we have a whole book case dedicated to them, it is our favourite thing to do, we even invite friends round for board game afternoons! more fun with lots of people!

  37. we do a family quiz, each family member has to choose a catagory of their choice and make up 10 questions and we take turns in giving our 10 questions the overal winner then is treated to a meal paid for by the rest of us

  38. we all love taking the dog for a walk apart from my little one gets half way then my dad has to carry her lol x

  39. Scrabble is a favourite of ours if the weather is bad but on nice days walks in the woods with our dog and a nice family BBQ when we get back

  40. Our family loves board games mixed with pizza or nibbles! We love playing a really outdated version of Trivial Pursuit. The only person who knows the answers is my dad!

  41. We love going for walks and outings in the summer, and doing quizzes and playing board games in the winter.

  42. We all love playing snakes and ladders. Its easy for my youngest to understand and he gets very excited when he gets to climb the ladders.

  43. If the weather is nice we play tennis but no net, net is made of deck chairs and a brush inbetween them lol indoor games are dominoes or trumps with a deck of cards

  44. i love baking cakes with my kids – they love putting their aprons and hats on and diving in, making a right old mess of my kitchen. Plus licking out the bowl after is fab!

  45. We like to play a game we call nice or spice, and its a drinking game (family) where you either mix a nice drimk or nasty drink and then blindfold someone to taste and guess ingredients…

  46. Our favourite board games are scrabble and trivial pursuit family. We also like baking cakes, our favourite is Betty crocker Devils Food Cake, it’s delicious. We quite like crafty things lie soap and jewellery making sometimes too.

  47. We love jigsaw puzzles as a family. We swap our favourites and always have one on the go. When we visit each others houses, we tend to slot in a few bits on the sly!

  48. My favourite family activity is going for long walks together and exploring. The kids get fresh air and sleep well.

  49. My daughter is only three years old, so at the moment we are using play doh and colouring in as a family activity.

  50. With the 5 year old its either playing hot wheels or drawing outside with the jumbo chalks with the 20 month old its colouring/scribbling in 🙂 But they both love it when we go out for a walk and play in the park with the dogs
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  51. Anything that gets us all away from those electronic devices. So usually something outdoors like a dog walk or swimming. Or a camping holiday !

  52. going away in the caravan with the dogs, and if the weather is wet playing a board game or two. definately no TV

  53. I love spending time with my grandchildren. board games, I-pad games, visiting parks, swimming. so much to do, not enough time.

  54. We like to take a picnic to the local ruined castle, and play hide and seek. The youngest has the dog for company

  55. We love board games when chilling out at the weekend, all the kids involved no tv, and perfect family time

  56. I love to take my Daughter to the seaside – play on the 2p machines, eat ice creams etc. Our nearest beach is a 2 hour drive away, so its not something we do very often. We have family in Devon, so we always try and visit when we are there no matter what the weather!

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