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Earlier this week the children received a ChillFactor Squeeze Cup to review.

It isn’t just a cup though, it is a slushy maker! What kid doesn’t love a slushy?!

I had a Mister Frosty when I was a kid and I remember it taking an absolute age to produce a drink. Now my children can make a slushy within a minute. That’s progress for you!


We received the purple Tutti Fruity cup, but there are also three other colours to choose from. In the box there is the cup, a lid, a spoon/straw and an instruction booklet. The box is covered in vibrant colours, making it appealing to children and adults alike. The cup is also bright in colour, is made of durable plastic and is lightweight too, making it easy for even the smallest of thirst-quenchers to have a go at making their own slushy drink. The cup is 11cm high so it fits upright in the freezer drawer, which is where it should be kept all the time.

I’m glad this arrived while they were at school because the Squeeze Cup needs to be frozen before use for between 4 and 6 hours, but by the time they arrived home it was ready.

We set to work …

The boys enjoyed doing this, and actually it wasn’t really about the drink but about the process of making it. They were impressed by the cups ‘magic’ and I’m sure I’ll probably be asked if we can do it again today. The cup serves as a great little introduction to making things for themselves and they were very proud of the end product. They didn’t lose interest of become frustrated because the process is too quick for that.

The only thing I’d consider improving on this would be the volume of the cup. There is enough for one slushy and the cup needs to be re-frozen for a few hours after every use. You can’t make two slushies out of one cup without freezing in between, so you’d need one cup per child. That’s okay if you have plenty of room in your freezer and if your own children had one each, but visiting friends would only ever get half a cup and you’d also have to sacrifice half of one of your freezer drawers if you bought more than one.

Overall I think this is a great little piece of kitchen kit for children and I think they’d make lovely gifts too.

The ChillFactor Squeeze Cup is made by Character, and is available at Argos, eBay, Amazon, Hobbycraft and more.

The RRP is £12.99 for one cup.


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