Declutter the Shoe Closet: What do We Really Need?

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We all love shoes. We all love buying shoes. Whether it’s for ourselves, a pair for our other halves or several for our little ones, shoes are an easy thing to buy and before you know it, you will undoubtedly have a closet full of them – most of which, you don’t necessarily need. As the seasons change, it’s a perfect opportunity to declutter and reanalyse which pairs are important.

The Kids

Shopping for kids’ clothes and shoes can be incredibly addictive and, often, you have to rein yourself in so that you don’t spend unnecessarily. Remember that little feet grow constantly and so their shoes won’t fit for long before you have to buy a new pair. Comfort and support are crucial to growing feet so that they can be as healthy as possible and, for that reason, sorting their shoes regularly is crucial.

While trainers, wellies and boots are essential for the colder months, school shoes for boys and girls are also important, especially when they’re at school full time, five days a week. While you have probably already kitted them out in shoes for the autumn term, don’t be surprised if you have to buy another pair soon. When you do, George’s range of school shoes for boys and girls would be a perfect route to go down, providing scuff-resistant shoes for affordable prices.

As well as school shoes for boys and girls, make sure they have enough of a selection of shoes to keep them going throughout the cold seasons. Wellies are a must for jumping in puddles, while a pair of smart shoes would also be handy, although school shoes can often double up for this purpose.


It’s hard to judge what shoes are needed and what aren’t when it comes to a lady’s shoe cupboard. As our feet don’t grow like the kids’ feet do, it’s easy to add to our range of shoes as and when we feel it’s necessary.

A good pair of winter boots is essential during the cold spell to keep feet warm and cosy, but that doesn’t mean that sandals and strappy shoes should be thrown away.

Make sure that you clear out your closet occasionally though, to make room for any new purchases you may make. Shoes that you haven’t worn for years are likely to be dust gatherers and will continue to be nothing more than that, so sell them on or give them to charity. The space theyoccupied could be better spent homing a new pair,from George at ASDAthat you’ll get more wear out of.


Men don’t normally have as much of a shoe obsession as the ladies in their lives, but it’s still therapeutic to have a good clear out once in a while. A supportive pair of trainers is a must, while some good walking boots are essential if you’re a lover of the outdoors.

Wellies in the winter can be handy, especially if you’re stuck shovelling snow from your driveway, while a smart pair of work/formal shoes would be important for work and times where you need to look smart.

Shoes are a major part of every outfit and so it’s understandable if you wish to have more pairs than you necessarily need. However, if you have a few too many pairs, take the opportunity to declutter now, to make way for any Christmas and January sale purchases!

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