Life Insurance: From Dinosaurs to Death

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Regular readers of this blog will know by now of my friend Ashlee’s plight. She is dying of cancer in her early thirties.

While this video may be rather tongue-in-cheek, the subject of life insurance should be taken very seriously indeed.

I’m 32. I don’t have life insurance. I think it’s perhaps one of those things I put off because it makes me feel like I’m getting old. Perhaps I don’t really want to part with yet more of the money I work so hard to bring into the household. Maybe I’m just lazy.

If I was to (God forbid) find myself in a situation like Ashlee’s, my troubles would only just be beginning. Who would pay the mortgage when my husband had to take time off work to care for me? Nobody – if I didn’t have insurance. That’s what it’s there for; it’s a safety blanket to keep us warm on the nights when the fear of ‘what if’ sends chills down our spines.

It’s important. REALLY important. (I think perhaps I’ve just talked myself into getting some quotes!)

Another thing about me – aside from the fact that my life is currently uninsured – is that I despise talking to people about things like this. Car, pet, buildings and contents insurance – I have them all. Not one of them, though, was purchased on the phone. None were signed up by a man in a suit after he had hogged my lounge for longer than I’d have liked. Every insurance I have has been done online and that’s the way I like it. It’s not that I don’t like people, per se, it’s that I want to try different options, get several quotes, change the level of cover – all before I commit to buying. I find it really difficult to say ‘Yes, thanks for those two quotes – now would you mind spending another twenty minutes quoting for the higher level of cover please?’ to some poor soul in a call centre. Because frankly, it’s unlikely that I’ll buy from them anyway; I find that in general, online prices are cheaper when all’s said and done.

So off I go now to spend the next three hours quoting for life insurance before accepting the original one – but at least it’ll only be me being driven to distraction by it and not a man in a shiny suit, eating all my Rich Tea biscuits.


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