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I was tagged in this (at my request) by Kate over at The Five F’s Blog without actually knowing what it was, so when Kate introduced hers as something she’s found more difficult to do than she thought I was a bit worried. So I’ve tried my best …

I am … soft. If people want favours, they ask me for a sure-fire ‘yes’. If they are mad, they vent at me. If they are mad at me – I will hardly ever enter into a full scale row about it. It makes me hugely annoyed at myself quite a lot, because I will quite often decide not to speak up for myself if I am hurt by a friend or if something is really bugging me. That sometimes results in me bottling it all up and taking it out on someone close to me (always Mr. Grumpy) so I probably need to sort that out!

 The bravest thing I’ve ever done … I’m not brave. Probably going through childbirth, though it’s hardly an opt-in/opt-out scenario once the ball is rolling … I will do something brave soon, I promise.

I feel prettiest when … I’m happy. I thought about this for a while, and although wearing lovely clothes and being a bit slimmer always helps, I still don’t feel my prettiest even if I’m thin, dolled up and sad. A few years ago, pre-marriage & pre-children, I wore size 8 designer clothes but whilst I was beaming on the outside I was dying on the inside. So no, gimme happy and fat any day thanks!

Something that keeps me awake at night is … My noisy house! Mr works away some nights and I am the most paranoid person ever when it comes to hearing noises in the night. I honestly pity the foo’ who breaks into my house – I’m bloody ready for you! (My plan is to knock said burglar back down the stairs with the digeridoo in the bedroom – think it’ll work?)

My favourite meal is… chinese/thai/mexican food of most sorts. I love food – and my hips know it!

The way to my heart is … through honesty. I cannot stand fake people! I do have a hard time being honest about some things myself though … (see the ‘I am …’ section)

I would like to be… more assertive. Or more popular. Probably more assertive since I’m not very good at keeping in touch with the friends I do have. Even the online ones. sorry about that.

So there you go, you lovely people – a snippet of Me.

Care to return the favour Welsh Mum Wales, Not Such A Yummy Mummy, (Mostly) Yummy Mummy?

Anyone else that’d like to partake then please do!

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