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Last week the boys were lucky enough to have a review toy each to play with when they got home from school. I’ve been pretty under the weather for around 10 days now and was feeling horrendous when the toys arrived – it was perfect timing.

Robot’s review item was the Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue playset.


My first mistake was not checking the batteries – this requires 4 x AAA but they are not included.

My second mistake was putting the batteries in while I had a headache. The siren on this playset is awesome if you’re four. Less awesome if you’re 32 with sinusitis. Still, he was happy.

The flashing lights were regarded as bring ‘cool’ and all was well in Robot Land.

Included in the set is the Ocean Rescue Centre itself, one Fireman Sam figure and one jet ski. Fireman Sam’s equipment has certainly become more high tech since I was a kid!


The playset is suitably sturdy as you would expect from a branded toy like this. The colours are vibrant and the figure resembles Fireman Sam beautifully.

Big enough for little hands to be able to get to all of the parts, this toy is just about the right size. Robot is able to attach the jet ski to its launch pad and send it zooming off, down the ramp and onto the carpet and can easily manoeuvre the Fireman’s pole too.

The only sounds the play set makes is that of the siren, which did irritate me a bit but I think that was mostly because I’m poorly! It turns off with a second press of the flashing light and also turns off automatically after around 30 seconds so it definitely something I can live with.

The batteries were a bit of a mystery to me at first and took a bit of fathoming out. Just FYI – the roof slides off ever so gently to enable you to put in the batteries underneath. Don’t do what I did and sit there scratching your head in total confusion before texting your friend for help.


The RRP on this play set is £34.99 and I personally think that’s about average for a branded play set such as this. There is lots of other Fireman Sam merchandise available to complement this play set and I think when bought with the helicopter this could provide lots of small world play entertainment. The recommended age for this toy is 3+ which I think is spot on.

I’m sure that Fireman Sam fans would be thrilled to receive this at Christmas and it would make a perfect addition to any Fireman Sam collection.


Disclaimer: We were sent the Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue set free of charge for the purpose of this revew. All opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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  1. Hi can anyone, bought my son the fireman ocean rescue set for Xmas but for the life of me can’t find were the batteries go for the siren and the light, can anyone help?

    1. Batteries for the helipad go in the helipad & the batteries for the sieron & light go underneath the control tower slide the top to the right & it should slide off then it’s underneath ( they don’t make it very easy to find )

  2. Thankyou so much! Your the only place I’ve found that helped me figure out where the batteries go, I stupidly threw the box and instructions away thinking it would be simple but have been struggling for 2 weeks now, screwed the whole thing apart and put it back together, didn’t want to rip the roof off incase I broke it, and have been struggling to find the answer but I finally now, thankyou. Xx

  3. By the way the light on the roof is a button. with the little grey switch on the side turned to the on position press the light to activate it. Hope this helps. Our little grandson loves the sets and they have really great play value – well worth the money.

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