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I have suffered with IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for many years. I have learned to control it in part by avoiding food that triggers it for me, but unfortunately I suffered for years without knowing why as I was too embarrassed to go to my doctor until I was in my early twenties.

The main symptoms of IBS are: 

  • abdominal pain and cramping – often relieved by emptying your bowels
  • a change in your bowel habits – such as diarrhoeaconstipation, or sometimes both
  • bloating and swelling of your abdomen
  • excessive wind (flatulence)
  • an urgent need to go to the toilet
  • a feeling that you need to open your bowels even if you have just been to the toilet
  • a feeling you have not fully emptied your bowels
  • passing mucus from your back passage (bottom)

Although these are the most common symptoms this list is not exhaustive. 

The cause of IBS is not known but it is thought that the following can cause increased sensitivity in the gut and bring on IBS:

  • a change in your body’s ability to move food through your digestive system
  • becoming more sensitive to pain from your gut 
  • psychological factors
  • an episode of food poisoning

There are several approaches you can take to easing your IBS. Some of the main ones suggested by the NHS are:

  • Diet Control
  • Excercise
  • Probiotics
  • Reducing Stress
You can find more detailed advice on treatment here.
For more information on IBS you can visit these websites:

**Information in this post was taken from the two sites listed above.**

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