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This week over at Mama Kat’s one of the prompts is:

Tell us the story behind the title of your blog. What is it? What inspired it? What other options did you consider? Are you happy with it?

What is it?

I am fairly new to blogging, having only started it at the beginning of this year. I didn’t read blogs much beforehand – in fact the only blog I did follow at all was my friend Emma over at Not Such A Yummy Mummy. You could say she was my inspiration to start a blog at all.

Why did I choose it?

Well, I think this is pretty self-explanatory to be honest although those that don’t know me (most of my subscribers and almost all of my twitter followers/facebook friends) may assume I’m actually quite grumpy and stressed. In reality, I like to think I’m neither of those things for too much of the time! The thing is, I decided to blog initially as an outlet, a diary, a way to vent without repercussions. Whilst my blog has seemed to morph into something quite different, I fugured that most of my venting (as I imagine is the case for many others) is done when I am grumpy and/or stressed!

So on balance, I figured I am only a little bit grumpy – grumpyish!

What other options did I consider?

I created a wordpress blog initially, and called it ‘Wine Usually Helps’ but I have trouble keeping my gob shut at times and had told all my friends about it while the blog was still finding it’s feet and then found that a lot of the things I had to say were perhaps unsuitable for an audience full of family and friends. I didn’t pursue the blog after writing about 5 posts, and subsequently closed it down at the end of last year.
So new year, new start meant that I figured I’d have another crack at the blogging game and so created Grumpyish Mum. I wanted to remain fairly anonymous whilst I settled myself into the blogging world and so I chose to use clip art and wordart rather than photographs, and the stressed woman theme kinda stuck throughout the blog as well as both my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Am I happy with it?

YES! I love my stressed little lady – though she is only a few months old so the novelty may well wear off soon.

So please read more of my ramblings – because I love doing it and I love comments too!

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