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My first car was called … ‘The Beast’

A huge old tank of a car bought for me by my then boyfriend because he refused to ‘let me loose’ in his brand new one.

I loved and loathed The Beast.

I loved it as any learner driver loves their first set of wheels, and I honestly didn’t mind that it was almost as old as I was, or that it woke the neighbours when I started it up in the morning.

I loathed it because it looked like this …

Oh yes. The Beast was a 1989 Nissan Bluebird and I was a 21 year old girl living in a village where I had already been pigeonholed as ‘That Weird Northern Bird’.
I will, however, be forever grateful for my time with The Beast. It taught me how to drive a large car as oppose to the Corsa I was taught in, and it definitely taught me to appreciate subsequent cars when we parted company.
Yes, driving a car with as much, er … character(?!) as this was certainly a learning curve!
What was your first car? How long did you have it? What happened to it?
You’ve chuckled at my motoring misfortune – now ‘fess up on your own blog, or tweet the shameful details!

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