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One thing that saddens me somewhat about modern day toys is that they’re more often than not electronic in some way. My youngest child once brought a wooden spinning top to me and asked me where the batteries went. I’m a fan of traditional toys and encourage the boys to play with them often. We’re huge outdoor lovers anyway so will often spend the afternoon outside with just a football, a kite or a cricket set. Not a single battery in sight, bar the one powering my camera!

When we’re inside we like family games. Plan Toys asked us to let them know what we thought about their Monkey Bowling set, which ticks all the boxes I like to tick. It’s a traditional wooden toy, it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s fun, the whole family can play and it’s environmentally friendly too.

This is what Great Gizmos have to say about it:

Bowl over the five monkey skittles with the ball provided. A fun game for all the family. This toy will help teach your child hand eye coordination and will encourage creativity. Made from natural, chemical free recycled rubber wood and finished with non-toxic water based dyes. Plan Toys specialise in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly toys that help with early learning and teach about the importance of sustainability.

In our house, hand eye coordination is something that we’re working hard on with our youngest at the moment and Monkey Bowling really encouraged him to practice these skills whilst having fun. He did get upset when his older brother knocked down more monkeys but soon got the hang of rolling the ball rather than just chucking it in the general direction of the skittles!

The skittles and ball are very cute indeed, and the detail on them is just lovely.


Look at those button noses – they’re almost too adorable to knock over!

There are five skittles in two sizes, and they have little rope ‘arms’ to help children to stand them up easily. Turn taking is encouraged as there is just one ball for all players to share. This worked quite well in our house, though the youngest decided that instead of taking one or two turns each, we ought to play until all of the skittles had been knocked over.


The ball is perfectly sized for small hands and not too heavy. We did have to shut the dog out while we played though because apparently it smells good enough to chew! Luckily no monkeys were harmed in the reviewing of this game.

You don’t need a great deal of space to play this game. The skittles are fairly small and Monkey Bowling can be played in the living room without posing too much of a threat to the ornaments.

Given that the game is so environmentally friendly, is non-toxic and encourages the development of vital skills, it really is a great buy. Retailing at £25.96 on the Great Gizmos website, Monkey Bowling would make a lovely gift for a special small person. The recommended age is 3+ but I’d say that with adult supervision, many two year olds would benefit from playing this game.

Disclaimer: we were sent Monkey Bowling free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This s such a cute set. If my son didn’t already have skittles I would have ordered one. Great idea for a christmas gift though, thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  2. They look great they are so cute looking and look great for toddler I love traditional toys too and will be buying something like this for my children when they are old enough #TriedTested

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