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Ok so my friend does this sometimes, and I dunno if you’re s’posed to do these things on a particular day (like wordless wed etc.) but I’ve been feeling properly sorry for myself today so I’m doing mine … NOW.

1. Next time it’s my birthday, I’ll be 30. I know what you’re thinking – that’s rather bloody odd – but honestly I can’t wait! To me age really is just a number so all I’m waiting for is the major Me-related celebrations. I wonder in all seriousness if I can make my 30th last longer than a week …

2. I’m done. I’m all done with the baby-making game. I had my second son last summer and was a bit worried that brooding for a girl might creep up and bite me. The other day though, someone asked me if I’d like to try for a girl and I thought d’you know what? No! I love my boys, but two is plenty.

3. I’m loving my new hours at work. 37 hrs per week plus new baby equals application for (and acceptance of) part time hours. Who knew 4 day weekends could be so much fun!

So there. Cheered myself up a bit now. Could probably think of some more but it’s tomorrow now and I’m knackered.


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