Review: Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone

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This week we’ve been looking at the Air Hogs Micro Race Drone.

Designed for indoor drone racing and agility in small spaces, this is a great little starter drone for kids aged eight and over. Flight assist technology with automatic take-off, height-lock and landing mean the drone is kid friendly but also interesting enough for adults to be ebtertained by it too. The fact that the Micro Drone is engineered with durable ducted propellers means it’s pretty tough for its size and can definitely take a couple of knocks here and there.

The 4-channel controller means you can have more than one on the go together and not inteerupt the frequency of your friends’ drones. Great for siblings like mine!

We have had loads of Air Hogs products in the past and have always thought highly of the brand. This micro drone is no different in that it offers a great quality product for a very reasonable price. This particular drone carries a price tag of around £40-£45 which is a good price for a clever little piece of kit.

As with most Air Hogs products, the drone requires charging. Charge time is around 40 minutes and a full charge lasted us approximately 7 minutes. That doesn’t seem too long but this is an indoor drone so having it run out on you and having to go back home to charge it isn’t an issue.

There is a beginner mode and an advanced mode which means even first time fliers can really enjoy this straight out of the box before building on their skills and progressing to the more adventurous mode. I’m still on beginner mode!

The boys and their dad have had a lot of fun playing with the Air Hogs Micro Drone and have even taken it on holiday to show their friends. The only problem we’ve had with it is that the baby is scared of it! The drone isn’t overly noisy, though naturally it does make some noise. I’m sure he’ll get used to it and soon we won’t be restricted to playing at nap time!

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