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Badger is a huge Skylanders fan, so when Trap Team was released earlier this year it was automatically promoted to the very top of his ‘need’ list.

We started last Christmas with Skylanders Swap Force and it’s been a huge hit all the year through. We’ve collected a few extra figures over the last twelve months and now have around 12 which are a mixture of giants, standard and swap force figures. Now that Trap Team has been released I was a bit worried that I’d have to buy all new figures but GREAT NEWS! the older figures will work on the new portal so if you’re already a Skylanders fan it’s all good! No extra mandatory expense aside from the starter kit and the option to add new and old figures to your collection in your own time.

In the new Trap Team starter pack you will get …

2014-12-09 23.16.39(1)

2014-12-09 23.16.57

  • 1 Copy of the Skylanders Trap Team Video Game
  • 1x Traptanium Portal – Place the Skylanders on the NEW Traptanium Portal and bring the Skylanders to life
  • 2x All New Skylanders – Trap Master Skylanders are the ultimate trappers with powerful Traptanium weapons. The Skylanders each have their own unique abilities and powers
  • 2x Traps – Defeat and capture villains in the Traps and then use the villains on the side of good
  • 1x Character Collector Poster – Build the ultimate Trap Team – Over 60 Skylanders to collect and 40+ villains to capture
  • 2x Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes – Enjoy stickers of your favourite Skylanders. Place the names and codes on the Character Collect Poster to track your collection. The secret codes can be used in the Skylanders Lost Islands and Skylanders Collection Vault Apps.
  • 2x Trading Cards – Learn more about each Skylander’s powers and abilities

We set up the game and away we went.

2014-12-09 23.52.51

As before, the spoken word of the game is subtitled and the player is guided through their adventure every step of the way. This makes the game easier for the younger players to follow (and doesn’t hurt for us oldies either).

The graphics, as always, are brilliant and the characters get more and more interesting with every new Skylanders game.

2014-12-09 23.53.23

Skylanders Trap Team is set to be one of the big sellers this Christmas and is already sold out from some retailers. I know there is current availability at GAME and I also know that their GAME Junior section is the perfect solution for parents like me who can sometimes get confused by all the complications of modern gaming.

God I sound old!

I would recommend Skylanders for children aged seven and over and the PEGI rating for Skylanders Trap Team reflects that. Kids any younger than that would find the game difficult to follow. Robot is four and tries to play along but ultimately ends up annoying his brother because he’s always getting them both killed!

Skylanders is great fun for both kids and adults – my husband rarely refuses Badger’ request for a quick game on Skylanders!


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