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Anyone who knows me will know I love my scarves. I’m a borderline scarf-o-holic, in fact.

I think I have around 30 scarves, all colours and styles, to suit any kind of mood or day. So when someone asked me to review some scarves I was hardly going to turn it down! I was asked to choose any scarves I liked and so I went for these three …

Scarf Collage
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The first (going left to right) is the Pink Pebbles Bouncy Scarf and retails on the ScarfWorld Website at £7.95. I think this one is my favourite overall. It is actually the only ‘bouncy’ scarf I own (for now) and I wear it more than most of my scarves. At 65cm x 160cm it’s long enough to wrap twice around my neck and tuck into my coat comfortably. Although this is in the Spring/Summer collection on the ScarfWorld website, I’d say it’s warm enough for autumn too.

The middle scarf is the Pink & Blue Frayed Butterfly Scarf and it’s a pashmina-sized burst of colour! I love butterflies and this was the first scarf on the website that really stood out for me. I wore it to a blogging event and several people commented on how pretty is is. Also priced at £7.95 this is another value for money accessory. It’s bigger than the bouncy scarf and can be worn is several ways because of its size. Try it as a headscarf, a shawl or a sarong and show off the beautiful design.

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Lastly is the Blue Crinkle Butterfly Scarf. A slightly smaller scarf than the previous two, this is also slightly cheaper at £4.80. I love the delicate and feminine design of this scarf and I tend to wear it with plain tops or dresses. I think I probably wear this one the least out of the three of these scarves but I still think its a wonderful design and will probably wear it more often when Summer actually makes an appearance!

ScarfWorld sell other accessories too including hijab and gilets but their main focus is their hundreds of different scarves. Well worth taking a look on their website if you have a scarf obsession like me. The website is really easy to use, has all the information you need about each scarf and even gives some hints and tips on how to wear each one!

Delivery is free on orders over £20 which I think gives great value for money. You can get at least three, maybe four if you grab a bargain for around that amount. So go and have  look now – what are you waiting for?!


    1. I really love scarves – you may have noticed! I feel a bit naked without one – if I’m wearing a coat I’m usually wearing a scarf too.

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