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Shaken Udder 3

We’re fans of milkshakes in our house. Each week when I go shopping, the children choose a milkshake to take home with them. They aren’t concerned about which brand it is, they just like to know what their options are, because we don’t buy them anything that contains aspartame, the artificial sweetener.

When Shaken Udder Milkshakes asked us if we’d like to taste their milkshakes I did a little research into their ingredients lists. Thankfully, they’re not keen on beastly sweeteners either so I said yes!

Shaken Udder aren’t just about the shakes though – they look after their customers, and they’ve made a groovy website just for us! Over at the new fancy website designed especially for the youngsters, kids can play games, download and print colouring sheets and other activities, and sign up for free to a members only section of the website which is even more fun!

shaken udder site

Available flavours in the Shaken Udder kids’ range are banana, strawberry and chocolate. I tried to get a photo of the three flavours together but the children were rather excited about the arrival of milkshake and before I knew it the last of the strawberry cartons looked like this …

shaken udder 1

It’s a good job he’s cute, eh!

I did get a chance to try the banana and chocolate flavours and they really were lovely. Smooth flavours, no powdery taste as you have with some milkshakes, and really moreish! The size of the carton gives a perfectly sized portion for children and these milkshakes are lunchbox friendly too! They’re full of calcium, B12 and real strawberry, banana or belgian chocolate – what’s not to love!

For a delicious alternative to juice or water, these are a brilliant option.

The RRP on these is £1.89 for a pack of three at Sainsburys Supermarkets – or you could sign up to the members area on the website and try and win some!

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