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I’m definitely a Škoda fan these days, and after my review of the Octavia at the end of last year, they decided I was a good egg too and asked me to review another model; the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback.

They actually sent the Rapid to be a means of transport for me to join them in Gloucestershire, but I was more than happy to offer this review too as they really are lovely people, and I love driving new cars!

Since my review of the Octavia I have actually bought a Škoda myself, so I am a lot more familiar with them now. The Rapid is a smaller car than the Octavia and bigger than the Fabia, and is brand new to the market.

This is the one that I had the pleasure of driving for the week:

Rapid 5

The Škoda Rapid Spaceback SE 1.6  TDI CR 105PS

I’m not entirely certain what all of those letters and numbers mean but I know one thing – they make it a lovely car to drive.

Rapid 6

Our first outing together was a just a short one of 153 miles, which gave us a chance to get to know one another. I learned that this car didn’t have auto start stop and I was quite pleased about that, given my disastrous experience with that particular feature in the past! It was a good start.

I drove for almost three hours and when I heard those golden words from the built-in SatNav – ‘You have reached your destination‘ – I hadn’t even used a quarter of a tank of fuel. There are numbers available below to tell you what actual fuel consumption can be, but knowing that a full tank of diesel could get me to Gloucestershire and back twice, with fuel left over, makes much more sense to me! I suspect that had I used the cruise control feature, I would’ve used even less fuel, but I’m a bit too much of a control freak to let the car do my job!

Performance Stats:

Combined mpg: 64.2 mpg
CO2: 114g/km
Max Speed: 118mph (not confirmed by me!)
0-62 mpd – 10.03 secs

The room in the car was great for me – being 5′ 2″ tall means I have little legs and I had loads of spacearound me once I was in driving position. My husband, however, is a whole foot taller than me and struggled with the legroom when driving.

The boot space was more than sufficient for my needs, and I could easily fit my two children in the back and the dog in the boot if I’d have wanted. The parcel shelf was different on this car than on other Škodas I’ve driven – it was a regular style parcel shelf as oppose to the very handy roll up ones I’ve seen in Škodas before. This made it less suitable for the dog as it would have meant having to remove the shelf completely to give her the space she needed. Dogs aside though, the boot is a great size and could fit plenty of shopping, a pram or buggy and I did manage to get my grandma’s wheelchair in it too. Of course, the rear seats fold down to give you extra room, should you need it.

Rapid 3

One feature I liked a lot about the Škoda Rapid Spaceback was the MDI, or Mobile Device Interface. Road accidents are often caused by people faffing about with their phones but with the built in speakers and bluetooth connectivity you’re safe as houses. Well, safe as Škodas!

The rest of the interior was wonderful. Not too many bells and whistles, which can sometimes be distracting or confusing, but adequate yet simple controls at your fingertips for everything from the navigation system to the phone and the radio.

Rapid 2

Something I didn’t know about until my husband started moving the steering wheel was that you can adjust it to your preferred position. I had driven 300 miles using the steering wheel in the position it arrived in though and had no complaints. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I didn’t need to adjust it at all.

The recommended on the road price for the Rapid Spaceback starts at £14,430 and this particular model would be £19,085 otr because the sat nav & DAB radio, spare wheel, climate control, mats and towbar preparation were all added extras on the car I had.

Rapid 1

I wouldn’t say this car is big enough for our family, but only because of our dog and the fact that we do go camping quite often. It is certainly cheap enough to run though and a family of four would be comfortable in it in my opinion.

For more information on the Škoda Rapid Spaceback you can hop over to their website.


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