The Good Deed Diaries – January 2011

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A little bit too much going on for me at the moment to do spectacular charity-based stuff, though I do plan to do more in-depth stuff through the year. Suggestions welcome 🙂

So January’s Good Deed was a plain old donation to a really great cause, Cancer Research UK, just a small amount but if everyone donated …

Check out Ashlee’s Page  – she’s going to shave off all of her hair to raise some money for a charity that is very close to her heart. Ashlee’s brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 yrs ago and is – thankfully – slowly but surely on the mend. But it’s not always a happy ending, and donating to charities like this helps to fund more research and more happy endings.

What’s a fiver? 2 pints on a Saturday night (at best!)

Go on – give a little x

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