Tips for Dealing With Stress

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It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m wide awake.

I suspect it’s because I’ve got so much on my mind at the moment, so I started googling away and came across some really great websites offering tips for a less stressful life.

I’ve had a really weird day today. Well, yesterday. Today hasn’t been too bad in it’s three hour entirety so far. The cat got himself into a road accident and has been with the vet all day, we had a call from school to say our eldest had cut his head in a playground incident, we bought a new car and the dog chewed our post. Something of a roller coaster, right?!

The cat has a broken leg but he’ll be okay. My bank balance, however, is still weeping at such a great loss.

If you’re feeling under pressure, have a read through some of these and see if you can eliminate some of the strains we all put ourselves under.

Mind have a great page with practical tips here.

The NHS website has a page of hints and tips here.

And finally, if you feel like getting it all off your chest, there is always someone available to listen to you. Please remember that you are not alone, ever.

This link will take you to a page of contact numbers for people that really can help., taken from the NHS website.

I hope that for some of you this post has been useful. I’ll be happy if it helps just one person 🙂

Take care of yourself!

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