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They’re back with a vengeance – and meaner than ever. (Turtles, that is, and not my boys!)

Raph, Donnie, Mikey and Leo are back next week with a brand new Turtles movie. To celebrate, Flair Toys have launched a new range of figures that look just like the turtles on the big screen.

The first thing that struck me about the Mikey figure we received for review was the detail that has gone into making these figures so much more realistic. (What do you mean, Ninja Turtles aren’t real?) From the snarling teeth and the strained neck to the weird looking hands and feet – they’re as near to real life reptile superheroes as they’re ever going to get.

Mikey face

Now, we have quite a few Turtles figures in this house because the boys, aged 4 and 7, are both big fans. So this Mikey figure was a great addition to our collection.

Mikey is the same height as our other figures and so rather conveniently, he fits perfectly into the Shellraiser that my youngest received for his birthday. (Good job really because apparently, Shredder called round.)

Luckily, on Shredder’s arrival into our front room, ‘Combat Warrior Michelangelo’ was having a tour of the Pop Up Pizza Playset and he soon saw off that no-good villain – or so I’m told by the boys!

Unlike our other figures, this particular Mikey has some smooth moves! By squeezing his legs, you can make Mikey nunchuck his way out of any sticky situation – but make sure you’re careful not to harm any of the good guys!

All four of the turtles in this series have fighting skills like never before – take a look at the video to see them in action.

The boys both enjoyed playing with this figure and we’ll probably buy the rest of the set at Christmas this year. I did ask the boys to show me what Mikey could do, but Icouldn’t for the life of me get them to be sensible about it! So I made this GIF – just for you…

(You are so welcome.)

Disclosure: This toy was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review.


  1. The turtles took the world of movie and gaming by a storm and can’t agree more. I still have my old turtle figures from the 90’s and still love them. I also designed one recently which I love but I would like to check out Flair toy’s version. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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