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I am a huge fan of  Twinkl resources. I’ve been reviewing their platinum membership since February and I don’t want my trial to end! I have no doubt in my mind that I will pay for further subscriptions once this one finishes.

Reasons I love twinkl …

The twinkl website is colourful and appealing


1. It’s SO user friendly.

Twinkl’s website is a joy to use. I can log in and find resources on a specific topic using the search facility or if I’m looking for inspiration maybe have a peek around the ‘What’s New’ section. If I want to support the boys in a certain area of learning you can see they’re easy to find! An added bonus is that the Twinkl website is really pretty! A real pleasure to use.

2. The resources are relevant and interesting.

There are plenty of worksheets around on t’interweb that will help you teach your child a bit of mathematics, but the worksheets you download from twinkl are colourful and fun with modern and relevant topics. Maths doesn’t have to be boring! On top of that, you also have access to a dedicated SEN section of the website which focuses on resources geared toward SEN children, though I have used several with my preschooler.

3. You get more than just worksheets.

Sure, worksheets are super helpful, but if you need a lesson plan, ideas for educational games or even support from other teachers – it’s all here for you. Are you looking for a teaching  job? Twinkl’s got it covered in their handy tools section. There’s so much more, too. Recommended book list, their own blog, a super forum and even resources suitable for classroom displays.

4. It’s great value for money.

At £39.95 for the most ‘expensive’ subscription, twinkl offers absolutely wonderful value for money. That works out to just over £3.30 a month – I would pay more than that for a week if it meant having an endless stream of inspirational ideas at my disposal. Also, you don’t actually have to pay a penny to use twinkl – there are hundreds of resources available for free!

5. The customer service is second to none.

When setting up my account, there were a couple of hiccups. Like, I’d already set one up and forgotten. Then I didn’t know my password. I was a bit of a pain, actually. However, I emailed twinkl for help and they were really lovely.  Friendly, helpful and efficient – what more could you ask of a customer service employee?

Don’t just take my word for it. Let me show you how appealing the resources are from twinkl.

Teapot letters, based on the nursery rhyme ‘I’m a little teapot’
Interesting worksheets – with colour!
twinkl have a dedicated section for SEN resources.
twinkl have a dedicated section for SEN resources.


So now you’ve seen how wonderful twinkl is, you’re going to want to try it, right?

I’m pleased to tell you that I have one Platinum subscription to giveaway on the blog. All you have to do is complete the competition entry form below.

Win a Platinum Subscription to Twinkl!

Good luck!


  1. What a great way to keep and teach the children how become more organised. Mine are pretty good as a rule. but they have there moments.

  2. i like its broken in to school years so can work with the right age and not try and work out whats suitable

  3. I love the Sensory story plans. I am a teacher of children with Additional Support Needs and they are just fantastic!

  4. I love Twinkl’s different fonts that you can use for lettering on display boards!My favorite resource!

  5. So many fab classroom resources. Recently used the cafe role play pack which was great & love the weather resources

  6. I have a grandson who will be three years old soon so the Early Years would be useful to have for him.

  7. I love the different ways to read stories. My two love reading but get distracted with normal books so it would be great to have some ideas to keep them engaged enough to finish a story

  8. My little boy has sensory problems so the stories would be great. He has learning difficulties and is a little behind with reading and writing than his peers so this would be a great resource for me to help him catch up x

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