Will January Let Me Down Again?

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It’s my birthday next week and every time I plan something to celebrate the weather inevitably gets in the way.
Sometimes it’s blummin’ freezing, sometimes it’s icy and sometimes (more often than I’d like) it’s snowing.
Last year I arranged a birthday meal in the town centre. We went to a cute little Italian restaurant and I wore a new dress. I remember my outfit well. 
The dress was a maroon coloured, lace covered shift dress.
The shoes were HIGH heeled stilettos. 


The meal was lovely; the (very short) walk back to the car was somewhat less enjoyable. I was shivering from the cold but was almost at the car when suddenly …
as my feet slipped simultaneously from under me.
the white of the snow in my eye as my face hit the floor
The wind being knocked from my lungs!
The cackling of my ever supportive friends and family!
So this year I’m wearing flats and we’re going to a comedy club.
I only hope it doesn’t snow!
I won’t hold my breath though;  I had a little scout around t’interweb and read that Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “The odds suggest a White Christmas might be making a late appearance this winter.”
I can just see myself in a shift dress and wellies – I’d be the star of the comedy club! 

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