What’s the best way to celebrate a winter birthday party?

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Badger’ birthday is in October and we rarely get to celebrate outside. This year we were optimistic and we booked a football party. We were lucky enough for the rain to stay away for the duration of the outdoor training session but the heavens opened once we went inside for food!

Today I have a guest post from partybagsandsupplies.co.uk, who have some tips for those of us with winter birthdays.

(Actually my birthday is in January but I’m off to a spa in Morocco so I don’t really mind whether it rains or not!)


So I’ll hand you now over to the experts …

The time of year in which your birthday falls can, to a certain extent, dictate the type of party or social gathering you opt for. When you reach your adult years, this is not too difficult but, when celebrating a child’s birthday, the dark months of winter, coupled with the inevitable rain and wind can make birthday parties a logistical nightmare.

Knowing plenty of people with winter birthdays, we find that the biggest bug bear is the ‘rolling it into one’, especially for those people who have their birthday’s quite close to Christmas. Avoid the temptation of amalgamating celebrations (unless the birthday boy or girl really doesn’t mind), as birthdays, in our opinion, should always be kept as separate celebrations!

But this may not always be so; with themes and great party ideas, along with fabulous children’s party bags, your child’s winter birthday party can really go with a bang!

Don’t opt for the obvious, every time…

1. Consider the Weather

Summer birthdays generally have the advantage of good weather on their side although, in all honesty with the unreliability of British summer weather being legendary, it would seem that the perfectly planned summer party in the garden could end up being as wet and grey as those in winter!

Many people who organise children’s birthday parties in the winter months feel that they face a disadvantage with the garden not being available, but there are many great options for themes. Here are some tips for a winter party …

1. Create a Winter Wonderland

Winter might be grey, cold and dull but it is also a time to warp up warm; darkness falling early is also a great time for lights of all colours. Who doesn’t like the sparkle of lights, festooned across a room? A winter wonderland themes is a great way of harnessing the whole thrilling aspect of lights and the coldness of winter, but some people find that this makes birthday celebrations too much like Christmas (so avoid tinsel!) but other people like this, thus it really is your or your child’s choice. Don’t forget – there are various films and the like released by large film studies such as Disney that can offer perfect platforms for winter wonderland themes. The current favourite of ‘Frozen’ is perfect for a winter party!

2. Reduce the Guest Numbers

There are huge pressures on parents to get parties ‘right’, from inviting the right guests to sending children off with the right kind of party bag. But, winter parties could be the excuse you need to hold different kinds of parties. Various online forums and parenting websites have noticed an increasing trend in parents bucking the trend of huge birthday parties in terms of numbers, and inviting a ‘selected few’. By doing this you effectively open up a whole new range of possibilities. The birthday treat is a great way of celebrating a winter birthday; local swimming pools, cinemas and theatres for example – have a great range of group rates for birthdays that makes them far more affordable.

3. Parties at Home

Apart from hiring a separate venue, the majority of parents will opt to have the party at home… and this can send a shiver down the spine of many! The importance of being organised, with a whole host of party games planned and prepared for is even more important when hosting a child’s party at home. Without the space of the garden to call on, a party in your lounge can all of a sudden feel claustrophobic and slightly out of control! Having a range of calming party games are essential for making sure you keep behaviour under control, and there are many themes for indoor or home-based parties, from fancy dress to slumber parties for older children.

4. Hire a Venue

Hiring a venue, along with entertainment can also be a great way of hosting a winter party; with plenty of space for children to run around! There are also many activities that can really make a child’s party stand out from the crowd; how about archery? Specifically geared toward children, the arrows used may not necessarily have a sharp point (suction pads provide the adhesive nature of the arrows!) but the basics of firing the arrow and hitting the target are still the same.

There are, of course, a whole heap of different and talented children’s entertainers out there; get recommendations from friends and harness the power of the Internet too in your quest for the best. Children’s parties in winter do not have to be any less fun that parties hosted in the height of summer.

What would you plan for a winter party?

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